[ESX] gp_vehicleTracker - Easy Vehicle Tracker!

Hey guys!

With this script your players can easily locate their vehicles. There is also a special function for the cops.


  • Civilians functions:
    • All owned vehicles listed in the menu
    • Track all vehicles
    • Enable if the cars need a tracker installed
    • Install and remove trackers on their cars
  • Police functions:
    • Track all vehicles with the help of the manual search function
    • Enable if the cars need a tracker installed
    • Every cop gets the message and the location of the tracked vehicle
    • Every cop can remove the tracker
  • Fully configurable:
    • Enable/disable tablet animation
    • Hotkey and command support
      • Can also be Triggered from a other script to implement it
    • Enable/Disable whether the vehicles need a tracker
    • Configure the different times
    • Can be easily translated

Showcase Video

Language support

  • german
  • english

Of course you can also add your own language in the configuration!


You are not allowed to Re-Upload any Version of this script! Respects the work of others!


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