[PAID][ESX] Change phone number! gp_newPhoneNumber

Hey guys!

There it is, third release.
Hope you enjoy.

With this script players can change their mobile number.
They get a sim card after purchase and have to use it. After that the user will get a new number.


  • Clean and easy to use menu
  • Pay with cash or bank
  • Itembased script
  • You can limit how often a player can buy a sim card
    You can also turn off the restriction completely
  • You can buy only one sim card at a time
  • You can only use your sim card
  • You can choose the number format
  • Configure the NPC pedmodle
  • Many configurable settings → see config file pictures

Should also work with other phones. It just updates the phone_number in the DB. (Not testet.)


Showcase Video

Language support

  • german
  • english

Phone Support

  • gp-Phone
  • Chezza’s Phone

Of course you can also add your own language in the configuration!


  • gcPhone (or any other phone like mentioned above)
  • ESX
  • NativeUI

If you have any suggestion or problems let me know

This script has NO IP-Lock or obfuscation!

Just guys, please dont re-upload or re-sell it! Respect the work of others!

Buy the script (Tebex)

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Everything is a paid script

You constantly criticize people for their work. Why shouldn’t you be rewarded for it. If you don’t like it, just ignore the scripts. You probably didn’t even look at the script properly.
So in your opinion we are not allowed to ask for money or to protect our scripts against theft?
If it is too much, you can just contact me and talk about a new and fairer price.
But always badmouthing everything doesn’t change anything.


Worked perfect - thank you!

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Good job on this, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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gp_newPhoneNumber Updates :partying_face:



  • Added Support for Chezza’s Phone
  • Fixed some minor bugs