[FREE][ESX] Sound points V2! - Trigger Sound on coords! NEW VERSION!

Hey guys!

With this script you can easily configure points to play music or a sound (youtube link) at the corresponding coordinates.

You can add as many points as you want. You can configure the rang and volume of the sound.
If you need a preview, let me know. Should be self explanatory.

You can also create sound zones. When a player enters the corresponding zone, the sound plays. So you don’t have to press a button for the sound to play!


  • You can add as many sound points as you want
  • You can control the volume
  • Synced to all players!
  • You can define which job sees the marker and can trigger the points
  • You can add as many sound zones as you need


If you have any suggestion or problems let me know

Download (GitHub)

I am doing my best and hope you like and enjoy my stuff! :smiley:

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Yeah we make for every version a new Topic :call_me_hand:

The old version uses a completely different script to trigger the sounds. It has more capabilities and is much better. Don’t think it’s so bad to make a new topic for it :smiley:

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Using xSound means it will be proximity based, correct?

Correct, as long as the player is in the vicinity he will hear the sound. If the sound is triggered when he is not in the vicinity or in the range, and later enters it, the sound plays at the place where the others hear it too.

well then, sounds like shop doors are going to get a chime LOL. Thanks for this release.

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so when a player is close enough to a marker it will prompt them to press e to play a sound… a sound streamed from youtube. I like that going to work great for music. I’m wondering if there is a way just to automatically play something when they walk through a door or something

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You mean when someone enters a defined zone, the sound is played automatically?
Sounds like a good idea for the next update I would say :smiley:


sweet! can’t wait!

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little error here

Did you start xsound before soundpoints?

yep yep
start xsound
start gp_soundPoints

whas there anything i had to do to the xsound resource? or is it all handled through soundpoints?

nicee good job !

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Strange. Did you take the version I linked?
Maybe a server restart helps if the exports are not recognized.
In xSound you do not need to change anything.

alrighty ill do another restart, thanks for the fast responses ill keep ya updated

yep I got xsound from your link.


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Works perfect!! 100% amazing job, It was my fault, a rookie mistake not taking the -master off of xSound … thanks again for all the hard work!!

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is the sounds server sided? lets say i play a lock down sound, will all players nearby hear it?