[ESX][Paid] gp_Businesscards - Give Businesscards to other players!

Hey guys!

Thats my first release, hope you enjoy.

This script is used to automatically insert a contact in your phone.


  • Menu
    • Give business card to other players
    • View recieved business cards
  • Use recieved business cards
    • Automatically inserst person as a new contact in you phone
  • Remove recieved business cards

Language support

  • german
  • english
  • french
  • swedish

Of course you can also add your own language in the configuration!

Should also work with other phones if they have an Event like this to create a new contact:
TriggerServerEvent(‘gcPhone:addContact’, name, number)

Showcase Video








  • gcPhone or chezza’s Phone (or any other phone like mentioned above)
  • ESX
  • NativeUI

If you have any suggestion or problems let me know!

Just guys, please dont re-upload or re-sell it! Respect the work of others!

Buy the script (Tebex)
Using Asset Escrow

I am doing my best and hope you like and enjoy my stuff! :smiley:

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  • Added command support (/cards)
  • Added hotkey support (default F7)
  • Added support for different database tables

All options are editable and toggleable in the config file.

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  • Added OneSync Legacy Support
  • Added language support → swedish
  • Added language support → french

All options are editable and toggleable in the config file.

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Thank you for this good script. Work perfectly and safe time for all players ^^

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Great script, Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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I purchased this and I can’t seem to get it to work. The command /cards doesn’t even show up. Is it possible tebex gave me an old version?

I sent you a message.

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How did you added it to your krz_personalmenu? If u could say how I would be so grateful! Like in your Videoshowcase… If I know how I gonna need this to buy… (sorry for my bad english…)
Best Wishes

Hey @MaxiFaxiPaxi111
I send you a private message.

Heay, I’m pretty sure iv seen this on a FiveM server , and when ever I use a Xbox controller and the trigger for acceleration it brings up the menu and makes the controller unusable any ideas how to fix?