[PAID][ESX] Emergency Phone - (Leitstellen Script)

Hey guys!

Thats my second release, hope you enjoy.

This script is used to have a control center (emergency phones) for different fractions.
So LSPD can be reached via 911 for example.


  • Add or remove new emergency phones
  • Take emergency phone
    • Changes your number to the configurated number in the config
  • Give emergency phone back
    • Gives you normal number back
  • If someone forgets to return the emergency phone, you can simply reset the control center and take it.The player with the old emergency phone will get his normal number back.
  • Messages to all player
    • On-Duty message
    • Break message
    • Off-Duty message
    • Custom message

Should also work with other phones. It just updates the phone_number in the DB. (Not testet.)

Supported Phones:

  • gcPhone
  • d-Phone
  • ChezzaPhone

Language support

  • german
  • english
  • french

Of course you can also add your own language in the configuration!

Showcase Video







  • gcPhone or d-Phone or ChezzaPhone
  • ESX
  • NativeUI

If you have any suggestion or problems let me know

This script has NO IP-Lock or obfuscation!

Just guys, please dont re-upload or re-sell it! Respect the work of others!

Buy the Script (Tebex)

I am doing my best and hope you like and enjoy my stuff! :smiley:

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  • Fixed slow database request error
  • Added Badged (manned/unmanned control center)
  • Added translation for custom messages (Notification)
  • Added translation for free control centre
  • Added language support → french

All options are editable and toggleable in the config file.


  • Script simplified and unnecessary code summarized and removed if necessary
  • Added Support for d-Phone
  • Added Support for Chezza Phone
  • Fixed some upcoming bugs
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Thanks for the good script :slight_smile:

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Very good and functional script! Finally a REAL call center where players can voice call someone for more RP! I’m glad I bought this (and the bundle is really interesting by the way xD)

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Will you eventually make a non esx version I need it for a vmenu server

Thanks so much! :smiley:

Thank you, nice to hear! :smiley:

Since I’m only experienced with ESX myself I can’t say, sorry :confused:
Possibly I will deal with it in the future.

can only one person at a time, per job, use the phone?

Yes, if several people have the same number, for example 911, it does not work with the phone.
But other people can reset the control center and then use the phone to be reached via, for example, 911.
However, the messages can be used by anyone who has the corresponding job.

Is there anyway people can use the same number? So if one officer picks up, all others get a call cancel. Or is this just not possible in Fivem?

The script allows only one officer to have, for example, just the 911. I have made the experience that it is not possible that a number is assigned several times. Maybe there is a possibility with different mobile scripts, I don’t know them.

What if you set it up like this:

  1. Victim calls 911
  2. you have ten “dud” numbers 912, 913, 914 etc
  3. when victim calls 911, they are routed to one of the ten numbers instead. Cops on duty can see the calls from 912, 913, 914, 915 etc.
  4. They can accept/take those calls and again get routed to the police officers phone.

Would this work? I don’t know if you can do something like:
if x calls y then
call z
but maybe that is a work around. If this is somehow possible, i’d happily pay for it to be made. This is more what I want.

Does anyone now how to use it with the d-phone bc. i’ts not working with just changing the number in the db but there is a function in the d-phone called smth like d-phone:changenumber. i’m bad with mysql stuff so i dont know wich line i have to change

Hey @ProfessorPerry,
First you need to delete or comment out the “gcphone:updateall” event.
Then you just need to implement the changenumber event into the Servercallback “getnumber” which will give you the new number.

You could also implement it in the server sided script.

If you need more help, just pm me :smiley:

thx <3 i will try it

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Important Update


  • Script simplified and unnecessary code summarized and removed if necessary
  • Added Support for d-Phone
  • Added Support for Chezza Phone
  • Fixed some upcoming bugs