myShops - with buy/sell option, integrated Peds and NativeUI (Paid)

Hey guys,

with this script I want to present my enhanced shops script. Basically a pretty simple, but often suggested script in our community.


  • You can set up different Peds for every shop you add to the Config. And those are also performance-optimized, so they unload when you are far away.
  • You can toggle the possibility to sell items to a shop in the Config.
    This can be f.e. useful to let players sell the items they farmed with myJobsystem at special shops.
  • You can add as many shops as you want and
    → toggle the blip for each shop individually
    → set up individual shop content
    → select a ped for this shop
    → and choose a banner (like the 24/7 banner)
  • You can set up everything in the Config: Also a Translation file with english and german translations is included.


Example shops:


You can add as many shops as you want with different shop content simply through the Config.

Config = {}

Config.Locale = 'en'

Config.NotificationPicture = 'CHAR_MANUEL'

Config.EnableBuyOption = true -- Should players be able to sell items at the shop
Config.PriceBuyDivide = 2 -- Sell price / this value = buy price
Config.useWeightSystem = true

Config.Shops = {

    {type = "shop", name = "Shop", pedmodel = "mp_m_shopkeep_01", banner = "shopui_title_conveniencestore", blip = 52, color = 2, x =372.48, y =326.74, z =103.57, rot = 240.0},


Config.ShopItems = {
    ['shop'] = {
        {label = "Cheese Sandwich", name = "sandwich", price = 15, max = 120},
        {label = "Bacon Sandwich", name = "sandwich2", price = 15, max = 120},
    ['bar'] = {
        {label = "Beer", name = "beer", price = 30, max = 100},



  • ESX
  • NativeUI

Price: 1.65€ + tax
Download at

Or you can get this script in a bundle with myClothesshop and EnhancedBarber in sale for 6.40€ + tax:

Feel free to check out my other scripts



Looks super cool

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Nice concept but what makes this better then another shop script that pretty much uses the same UI.

This is pretty much regular esx_shops just using native ii it’s nice and all the price it a good price just don’t see how a script like this is worth paying for.

But it’s a nice release otherwise


the main advantages from myShops compared to esx_shops are the configurable Peds, which are dynamically spawned and the option to let players sell items at the shop. This allows f.e. the possibility to let playerd sell their items they farmed with myJobsystem in the shops.
Moreover not everybody is aware of how to implement NativeUI in the esx_shops script :wink:

Best regards,

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for the price, you always put your scripts to, it’s always worth than any other script, and the support is also very good.

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Fair price. Really good.

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Can i do that only certain jobs can open these shops?


at the moment there aren’t any job restrictions, sorry.

This is a lot like [Release] [ESX] 99kr-shops which I use a ton. It would be cool if I could convert to your script for the selling of items. Does myShops pull items from the database or are they listed in configs? Also if you add the different spawn points like 99kr for various shelfs i would buy and switch. Just some ideas as I already have like 5 of your scripts lol

Help! when I buy items they dont go to my inventory! Get a notification but no foods :weary:

Could imagine you enabled the useWeightsystem, but you don’t really use it

myShops - Update - 10.06.2021

  • Added an option to disable the Ped-Spawn
  • The menu is now closed when you run away
  • You can set up a required job now

Hi, How to I make this work with Chezza’s Inventory system. Thanks.

If you were to update this script, would people who already bought it get the updates for free too?

Of course, you’ll always sreceive the newest updates. Information for updates are in the readme file :wink:

What banner can i use and where can i add a banner from myself? And how do I disable a pet for just one shop?


there is only the option to enable or disable Peds and markers for all shops at the Moment.
And the banner can be modified with a streamed .ytd file.

Best regards,