myImpound - Impound system with security deposits, aircraft and boat support and perfect for Roleplay

Hey and welcome to myImpound!


  • You can set up as many Impounds as you want and all will have unique storages. So if a vehicle is Impounded at the Police City Impound, you also can only get it back there.
  • An impounded vehicle is completely removed from the owned_vehicles table as long as it’s impounded. So there is no possibility to duplicate vehicles or to get it back without paying the security deposit.
  • Vehicles which are at the “Drop off zone” can be impounded at the Impound menu by police officers. They can select the vehicle from a list and
    → Set a security deposit: If they do this the owner of the vehicle will be able to get his vehicle back by paying this amount.
  • A vehicle can also be impounded without the possibility to get it back. In this case the vehicle have to be released by an officer.
  • As an officer you have an overview of all impounded vehicles and the possibility to manage the security deposits. As a normal citizen you can access a list of your impounded vehicles.
  • Support for aircraft and boat Impounds (further information below).
  • When a security deposit is paid, the money can be added to a certain society. (f.e. for an Impounder job)

myImpound - Update - 01.02.2022

  • Added new option: Get despawned vehicles (can be disabled in the Config)
    → This can be used to replace the Impounds of any garage system. You can get all vehicles there , which aren’t in any garage.
    → Also added compatibity with AdvancedParking, so AP Vehicles can not be spawned (configurable)
  • Added a lot of new Config settings:
Config.allowSpawnAllVehiclesNotInGarage = true
-- When you use AdvancedParking, those vehicles can be hiden.
Config.hideAdvancedParkingVehicles = false
-- Do you use deformation saving by myGarage
Config.useMyGarageDeformation = false
Config.useLegacyFuel = false
-- when you use esx_advancedgarage that is f.e. "stored"
Config.garageColumn = "garageID" 
-- Cooldown when you spawned a vehicle from the Impound, until you spawn this vehicle again.
-- In minutes
Config.ImpoundCooldown = 10
-- Should the car mileage be in the vehicle info. This requires myCarMilage (included in myGarage)
Config.useCarMileage = false
-- You can select whether the mileage unit should be "mph" or "kph"
Config.MileageUnit = 'mph'
-- fee when you get the vehicle from the Impound
Config.SpawnFee = 225
  • Added an /impound command for the jobs from the Config. When you sit in a vehicle, you can perform this command to impound this.


Regarding Escrow

This script is managed through the FiveM Keymaster.
Regarding this we paid the highest attention to the opportunity that everybody can simply modify everything without any encryption.
For this matter we only included about 2-3 pretty small functions, which never have to be modified and can’t cause any problems into the escrow file. So I can promise 100% that you will not even notice this protection, when you aren’t willed to leak the script.

Impound a vehicle:
As a police officer or similar, you can open access the “Impound vehicle” menu.
There are all vehicles, which are in the drop off zone, listed:

When you’ve selected a vehicle you can set up whether the vehicle can be released by the player with a security deposit or whether an officer have to release it:

As an officer you can change the security deposit later or release the vehicle in the Impounded vehicles menu:

Boat / Aircraft Impounder

This system selects all vehicle data from owned_vehicles table. If your boats and aircrafts are also saved in this table also aircrafts and boats can be impounded at configurable and special Impounds.

As always the script comes with a language config, so you can set up this script in any language you want. English and German configuration is already there.


  • ESX (owned_vehicles table)
  • NativeUI

Price: 5.85€ + tax
Get it at

Feel free to check out my other scripts



Nice release!

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Nice work, Luis!

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Nice work i love your scripts men :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this! :slight_smile:

Nice work i love your scripts very much, maybe a complete garage system with Impound

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Nice work!
Have a job?


you can set up any job in the Config, which should have access to manage the Impound. But a complete Impounder job itself isn’t included.

King regards,

Wow.… Just wow.


Can you use this with a different table. Like I dont run ESX so can I change it to the table that I use?

Hello, I’ve followed all the instructions on installing . Putting MyImpound into the resources folder, imported the .sql and added start myimpound to the server config and it is not working. Nothing pops up when teleporting to the coordinates and signed in as police. What am I doing wrong? I renamed the folder to just myimpound because thats what it tells you to put for the start command. Im not sure if thats the issue or not .


I guess you’re not using the correct NativeUI Version. The right one is linked in the readme file. And normally also the default folder name is myImpound, but this shouldn’t cause issues anyways.

Best regards,

thanks for the quick reply! I have nativeuilua reloaded

I changed it over and it still does not work.

But NativeUILua_Reloaded isn’t correct for this script. myImpound uses the normal NativeUI, not Reloaded.
This is also the only NativeUI version, which is linked in the readme :wink:

myImpound - Update - 27.04.2021

  • Big changes in the Backend. The vehicle is no loger removed from the owned_vehicles database. Now the owner field is simply replaced to the enhance the support for all garage systems.
    With this change also the Config.useESXAdvancedGarage was removed, since it’s unused now.
  • There is now a double check for number plates, so you won’t have any trouble anymore, when spaces aren’t saved in your owned_vehicles table.

does this run v1final?


yeah we tested it in v1.1, v1final and v.1.2 :slight_smile:

Best regards,

In old myimpound script how to fetch vehicle catagory for advanced garage

When i impound the vehicle it save perfectly in inbound database table,but while i retrieve from inbound database only the catagory column showing null any fix???


some weeks ago there was a big update, which optimized the support with all extra scripts like AdvancedGarage and so on.
With this errors like this shouldn’t occur.
I’ve sent you instructions via PM!

Best regards,