[Release] [ESX] 99kr-shops


[ Info ]

  • This is a shop/store script for ESX, this is different from the normal esx_shops as it is more interactive. You walk around in the store to grab stuff from the shelfs to put into your basket on L, then go to the cashier and be prompted with the choice to pay with cash or with your credit card. See video for better explanation

[ Features ]

  • Customizable config file.

[ Installation ]

  1. Download
  2. Put this resource into your resources
  3. Run the SQL file
  4. Put start 99kr-shops into your server.cfg
  • And change what you want.

[ Requirements ]

  • ESX
  • esx_menu_default
  • pNotify

[ Video ]

[ Download ]

[ Updates ]

5th July

  • Added a loop for checking if player is too far away from the store. If true then empty his basket.
  • Accidentally left a debug on the blips

Nice Job <3

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Awesome work per usual :slightly_smiling_face:

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mvp, great release

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Nice Release

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Are people able to buy these shops and order shipments for them??

no they’re not,

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Lets hope one day it will, I like the simplicity of this script, you did one hell of a good job.

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maybe it will :wink:

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There is already a script where you own and can sell the shop on github, it’s called esx-kr-advanced-shops

Ofc, that’s what i use, but this is so simple yet so good, and I really appreciate his/her work on it.

the script is very good but if the player leaves the store nothing happens, could add if the player left the store the alarm would have been activated and the police received a notified


Looks very cool!!

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But, you can take items and just leave the store and not pay for the items? Is it possible? If so then i might not use it on my server because i belive there will be so many users that will start to abuse it.

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freakin love it… well done sir!

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Very cool release! Thanks for sharing with us.

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They can leave the shop but nothing happens

True that nothing happens, But it’s weird to have a basket on you with the items out side of the shop :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you leave the shops with the items or do you mean that the times remain in the shop until purchase and leaving cancels the purchase?

As having this cached can cause issues in the long run.

The items remain in the basket, but i can push an update to empty the basket if you’re too far away from the shop. As i don’t want police to get notified as that would probably end up annoying

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