myCrafting - Crafting system for weapons and items with recipe system

Hey guys,

with myCrafting we want to present our newest FiveM script, which provides the possibility to craft items and weapons with or without recipes.


  • You can set up weapons and items, which can be crafted.
  • Multiple ways to set up a recipe:
    Visible for everybody: Nobody needs a certain recipe item in this case. Everybody can select this recipe from the list on the left side.
    Visible with recipe: You have to find a certain recipe item to see the recipe on the left side.
    Invisible: You have to try different crafting ideas on your own.
    Job restricted: You can set up receipts, which should only be displayed for a certain job (f.e. drinks for Bahama Mamas)
    You can set this up individually for every recipe!
  • The 3x3 crafting grid allows nearly endless possibilities for different recipes.
  • Beautiful crafting visualization in a clean UI with item pictures (You can add an image for every item in the html/image folder)
  • You can set up all your recipes, the interface color and all messages simply through the Config.
  • You can open the Crafting menu at a workbench, via control press or simply through an event from every script you want.


Example for a recolored crafting interface:

Example recipe:

        label = 'Pistol .50',
        item = 'weapon_pistol50',
        field1 = {name = 'iron', label = 'Iron'}, -- top left
        field2 = {name = 'iron', label = 'Iron'}, -- top center
        field3 = {name = 'iron', label = 'Iron'}, -- top right
        field4 = {name = 'copper', label = 'Copper'}, -- middle left
        field5 = {name = '', label = ''}, -- middle center
        field6 = {name = '', label = ''}, -- middle right
        field7 = {name = 'copper', label = 'Copper'}, -- bottom left
        field8 = {name = '', label = ''}, -- bottom center
        field9 = {name = '', label = ''}, -- bottom right
        invisible = false, -- if the item should be 
        requiredItem = {name = 'recipe_weapon_pistol50', label = 'Recipe for Pistol .50'}, -- is a recipe required to craft this item?
        isAWeapon = true,
		job = '', -- 
		added = false,


  • ESX

As always the script is completely free to edit. So there is no enryption!

Price: 12,49€ + tax
Get it at

❤️ Feel free to check out my other scripts



whats the resmon take from this

when the crafting interface is open 0.03ms.

Best regards,

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Encrypted or no?

Remote loaded or no?

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Geil! Wird definitive nächste Woche gekauft!


as always the script isn’t enrypted or IP locked. The script is completely free to edit!


Also is it a Inventory or just a crafting UI? In video, at last you opened the UI when you were not near to coords.

Also we use disc-inventory with its own items saving tables and not esx method. Will we able to do it ?

The script requests the items from your ESX inventory. But there is a simple Callback, which requests the inventory on server-side. Maybe you are able to change this:

ESX.RegisterServerCallback('myCrafting:getInventory', function(source, cb)
    local src = source
    local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(src)
    local inventory = {}
    for k, v in pairs(xPlayer.getInventory()) do
        if v.count > 0 then
            table.insert(inventory, v)
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Good job, now you can also open a car factory and produce cars.


Yes a crafting cars script

Something like that would be really awesome

Like you need certain items to craft a car?

Resources are extracted by the existing companies, from iron ore, Natural rubber, sand.Later, after processing, they become metal, rubber, plastic, glass. From these things you build doors, tires, bodywork, handlebars, engine and so on. These then assembled gives a car or motorcycle.

there are some scripts like, T1ger_mechanicjob that require items to fix vehicles, those existing items could be used to manufacture vehicles that would then need to be loaded up onto a truck and delivered to a dealership (INSERT INTEGRATION WITH myCardealer FOR OWNERS TO RECEIVE VEHICLES THAT UPDATES THE SQL TABLE FOR cardealer @storage or @bigStorage)

very interesting system

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myCrafting - Update - 15.04.2021

  • Added an animaiton
  • Added the possibility to get more then one item from a recipe

myCrafting - Update - 02.05.2021

  • You can now add as many work benches as you want