[optional ESX] EnhancedBarbershop - NPCs and new Design (PAID - 1€)

Hey guys,

today I want to present a simple but very nice barber script for your roleplay server.
No framework is needed, default is ESX - but you can deactivate it in the config.
When the framework is deactivated, the haircut is free by default. Also you can easily add your own framework to this script. When the haircut should be saved, you need a database (also needed for skinchanger).

Special features:

  • Script spawns NPC haircutter to make it more realistic
    -> to avoid bugs and increase performance the npc is being deleted when you are out of focus.
  • depending on your location different menu header



Just put the script in your ressources folder and add it to your server.cfg.

Price: 1€
Download at https://luis-scripts.tebex.io/package/4220010



Can i get this work with the esx default menu?

I purchased your script but i’m receiving this error, any help?

Maybe you use another version of NativeUI. You can try to delete this line (107). It isn’t necessary.
I’ll also write you a private message to send you a new version if this won’t work.

greetings would help please??


I guess you do not use the right version of NativeUI.
Right one is: GitHub - FrazzIe/NativeUILua: Guads NativeUI ( https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI ) in LUA for FiveM

I’ll also start a conversation with you. If you want we can also start a call to solve this as fast as possible.

Works great now, Thank you!!

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Is this script obfuscated?

As always, this script of course isn’t obfuscated

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Nice script I have just one question, how can I disable this fonctionality ?Inked20210115001545_1_LI

There is no Config for that, but you could remove the part from the client.lua
If you have trouble with this, just write me a PM :slight_smile:

Awesome Shop Keep It Going Man

EnhancedBarber - Fixes - 24.01.2021

  • Fixed an issue with the Confirm button in the Non ESX version
  • Fixed that the menu can be opened multiple times
  • General fixes with the update of new hair (will fix smaller issues)

Hi, nice script. One question where does it save the new hair on the player skin? Can’t find it and when player reloads it’s not getting the new hair.


the hair is saved in esx_skin, so the hair is simply updated in the skin column in the users table.

Best regards,

Thanks! We were having an issue due to the setmaxweight on esx_skin

But the setmaxweight shouldn’t have something to do with the Barbersho, but I’ll send you a PM to try to help you anyways.

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I get this Error after i Restart the Server , but when i restart the Script after this Error, all is fine.

I use cui_character , skinchanger

Best regards

The NPC is not in the clothing store for me and i don’t see a blip. But in console it says script loaded