[FREE RELEASE] Easytime - Time and weather management by Codesign

Easytime - FiveM Time and Weather by Codesign, download it here Github





  • Dynamic weather with natural weather cycles: We have created natural weather cycles; so when dynamic weather is enabled it will cycle through each group to make weather changes feel more natural, instead of instantly switching from sunny to thunder within seconds (but there is an option to enable instant changes). So for example the rain weather group will start with low intensity rain and build up to high intensity. It will not repeat the same cycle twice in a row.
  • Persistent weather: The settings (time/weather, dynamic weather, freeze time, instant time/weather change) can be saved to the settings.txt file just before a server restart, and these settings will be automatically re-applied on the next server start.
  • Instant or smooth forced time/weather changes: By this we are referring to when a staff member uses the in-game UI to force time/weather changes. Instant is obviously instant, but gradual means players will barely notice the changes.
  • Smooth time and weather changes: This is referring to normal time and weather changes a player experiences when on the server, NOT forced changes by staff when they use the in-game UI.
    • Time: Players will not be able to notice the time changes, the shadows never suddenly jump and are always smooth (the instant time change setting has no effect on this).
    • Weather: When instant weather change are disabled, a single weather change takes 3 minutes to complete, meaning you would barely notice the weather is changing or has changed because it’s so smooth.
  • In game UI: The in game UI is where all of the main changes can be made; changing the time/weather, toggling dynamic weather, toggling blackout‘s, freezing time and toggling the instant or gradual time/weather changes.
  • Configurable chances to rain/thunder/snow: In the config you can choose how often you want rain, thunder or snow to happen, its based on a % chance.
  • Fully synced across all players: When a player enters the server their client will be fully synced with the rest of the server. On ESX/QBCore the weather will be synced after your players are loaded in by the framework to ensure multi-character resources do not cause any issues with the sync.
  • Shell Support: In the documentation we have provided an example of how you can trigger an event when you enter a shell, and it will set the time and weather to the optimal conditions for your client only to avoid shadows and rain/snow etc inside the shell. And you can trigger the same event when you leave the shell to re-sync your client with the rest of the server.
  • Blackout: On the UI you can toggle blackout mode, this will turn off every light in the city globally. There is also a new config option to allow vehicles lights to remain on during blackouts.
  • Freeze time: If you don’t want dynamic time, you can choose to set the time to specific time and it will never change.
  • Optimised: You will have no issues with optimisation as everything has been done to improve optimisation as much as possible.
  • Animated time slider: You can change the time by using the animated time slider on the UI.
  • Tsunami warning (pre-restart warning): This feature adds visual and sound effects to warn players that a server restart is about to happen while keeping it in-character. It changes the weather to Halloween, then shortly after it enables a city wide blackout and plays a tsunami warning alert sound just before the server restart.

How do I use?

The default command to open the UI is /easytime. Make sure to configure the Config.Framework.


It is possible that Easytime conflicts with other time and weather scripts such as vMenu or vSync as this is a direct replacement to existing time & weather systems.


We recommend that anyone interested in this resource checks out our Documentation Website. This documentation includes:

  • Full installation guide
  • “How-to” guides
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Full preview of the Configs and Locales/Translations

Dependencies and Compatibility

Framework Dependencies
Framework Compatibility Notes
ESX :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports esx 1.1, 1.2, 1.final, extendedmode and all legacy versions.
QBCore :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports the official QBCore only.
vRP :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible
No-framework :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible This resource can be completely standalone, no frameworks required.
Other (custom framework) :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Only the framework permission checks need changing.
SQL Resource Dependencies

This resource does not use the database.

Resource Dependencies

This resource has no resource dependencies.

Locale Type Translatable
UI :heavy_check_mark:
Notifications :heavy_check_mark:
OneSync Compatibility
State Compatibility
Infinity :heavy_check_mark:
Legacy :heavy_check_mark:
Disabled :heavy_check_mark:

Download Here

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i love your work thanks <3


I have been useing this just on my privat testing server and it works so well you all should give it a go what the are doing are some really good scripts and its super stable


you might want to implement the same permission checks you have on the command as with the ForceUpdate event, as currently using NUI devtools/some lua exec or so will allow anyone to change weather.


Thanks! Updated the code

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This is what good program design looks like. Giving the end user a pleasurable experience.

Very well done my friend, very well done. Thank you for sharing this with us!


Standalone one day would be amazing, I added to my server, got it to work with my ace permissions, but when I click change weather, the menu goes away, and I cannot click ANYTHING and have to F8 “restart” resource, and it doesn’t change anything either for me. Sad.

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I’m having the same problem, this is the error I’m getting:

Mixed Content: The page at 'https://cfx—nui—cd_easytime/html/index.html' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint 'http://cd_easytime/change'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. (@cd_easytime/html/js/script.js:36)

I’ve updated it to use https, i guess you can try this version out

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Awesome release. I was going to make my own weather sync because the old one we were using was choppy and shadows were all glitchy.

Just started working on making my own housing using shells too, so your escape function will come in very handy!

Thanks again!

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same problem

Good work!


good work codesign, as always, great!


Excellent design and functionality, very refreshing to see a resource like this on the forums !


I´m really confused :-/
Installed it on my testserver, i´m admin with my esx permissions, i entered the command /easytime but nothing happend. No error, no information. I have no other sync skripts running. Any hints?

Hey @phiomet, you must rename the resource from “cd_easytime-master” to “cd_easytime”


@VState jeah of course, i did it before installation. I found the issue, it was wrong permission setting.

btw make sure the name of the folder is cd_easytime or basically it will break the script

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Update v1.1.2

  • Persistent weather.
    • Weather and time can now save and get re-applied after a server restart
    • It saves to a text file instead of a database
  • Manual save button
    • Weather can be saved by staff members
  • Permissions check for vRP - We don’t use vRP so it needs testing
  • Weather in shells now changes to clear when entering them

I recomend that 100% great job !!!