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About the script

Codesign Donator Shop enables server owners to utilize Tebex to the maximum by automating purchases made on Your store and allowing players to pick their own rewards in-game!

Requires servers to use TEBEX as their web-shop platform

This does not support Pateron (or any other web-shop platform) and we will not be adding compatibility for it.

Donator shop UI

This package comes with pre-built rewards such as

  • Vehicle packs
  • Money packs
  • Item packs
  • Plate changes
  • Name changes
  • etc…

Every server/developer can adjust these to their own preference and create custom packages.

Donators can select multiple items at once making their purchase easier.

Here are a couple of examples of how every server/developer can adjust these to their own preference and create custom packages.

Vehicle sales

Donator shop also allows selling custom vehicles where you can either use an automatically generated circle depending on the number of vehicles or you can manually set the coordinates for each vehicle.

It also features a quick menu on the left side of the screen which describes the current vehicle a customer is looking at.

Additional information

  • Servers can pick their own currency
  • Servers can adjust their own custom pages at the bottom of the donator shop
  • Servers can fully customize the packages
  • Easy-to-use locales
  • Automated database logs of every purchase

Check out our Documentation Website .

We recommend that anyone interested in this resource checks out our new Documentation Website. This documentation includes:

  • Full installation guide
  • “How to” guides
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Full preview of the Configs and Locales/Translations

Dependencies and Compatibility

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Requires servers to use TEBEX as their web-shop platform

This does not support Pateron (or any other web-shop platform) and we will not be adding compatibility for it.

Framework Dependencies

Framework Compatibility Notes
ESX :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports esx 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.final / extendedmode / legacy.
QBCore :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports the official QBCore only.
vRP :no_entry: major changes required Framework functions etc need changing and some shop items may need to be removed.
No-framework :no_entry: major changes required Requires a database and some shop items may need to be removed
Other (custom framework) :warning: moderate changes required Framework functions etc need changing.

SQL Resource Dependencies

SQL Resource Compatibility Notes
mysql-async :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible
ghmattimysql :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible
oxmysql :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible

Resource Dependencies

Resource Compatibility Notes
cd_drawtextui :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Included with the purchase.
IPL Interior Loader :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible This is required to load the interior at the LS airport.


Locale Type Translatable Notes
UI :heavy_check_mark:
Notifications :heavy_check_mark:

OneSync Compatibility

State Compatibility Notes
Infinity :heavy_check_mark:
Legacy :heavy_check_mark:
Disabled :heavy_check_mark:

Check out our Tebex store at https://codesign.pro

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holy this is amazing


Thank you! :smiley:

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very good, this script is encrypted?


Awesome script!!


WoW, nice Script!


is this script encrypted??

I think no one will answer that

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I’ve been looking for this script for a very long time, congratulations


Nice ui, very good script, i will buy it soon!


For those asking, as the developers seem to be avoiding the question and mentioning this anywhere else. The resource is partially encrypted. It is editable to be usable with multiple frameworks

TOS lol

Hi and thank you for your message. Codesign has taken the new changes in the FiveM terms of services very seriously and we are committed following the new terms to the fullest. We are also in the process of moving towards the officially recognized method to protect our content, which understandably will take some time.

During the implementation period we have been and will be in active and open contact with FiveM to make sure the terms of service are followed as required. We have also agreed with FiveM to not to release any new Codesign content before all our existing content is safely under the wings of the new FiveM content protection tools.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact us by email at [email protected]

This donator shop has saved our community staff and players tons of time dealing with donation support tickets. What used to be 50+ tickets a day regarding donation perks has now been trimmed down to maybe a couple for people who didn’t understand the new system. This is a must for any server!


you cant sell encrypted and ip locked scrits on the forums its in the rules

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@1king32054 Read a few messages up from Codesign

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We are very happy to let you know that all Codesign products have been switched to the new FiveM Asset Escrow system!

Changelog v4.0.0 with QBCore drag-and-drop compatibility!


  • Added drag-and-drop compatibility with the QBcore framework.

  • Added support for oxmysql.

  • Added duplicate checks to make sure players cant change their phone number to one that already exists.

  • Added server exports to check, get and remove donator points from the database from other scripts.

  • Added a config option to use steam or license as a, identifier type.


  • Cleaned up the code a little bit to be easier to understand for newer developers.

  • Added a new get identifier type, (1 for the unique characters id and 1 for the players global id) so servers using the advanced multicharacter method can redeem and use their donator perks across all of their characters.

  • Reworked the vehicle related code to work with the new garage v4.0.0 update.

  • Allowed ability for you to choose which identifiers display on the shop UI.


  • Fixed a bug with the inside vehicles not deleting when you purchasing a car pack.

  • Fixed the version check from erroring when github is having issues.

  • Fixed a bug where if you had 5 tokens and you purchased a product for 10 tokens it would not send a error message informing the player they don’t have enough tokens.

  • Fixed the bug where the display vehicles would show model names instead of labels from the config.

  • Fixed the blacklisted word check not checking correctly when the word was capitalized.

  • Fixed the bug where players could change the plate even if the new plate was nil.

  • Fixed the bug where when purchasing a character slot the new max_chars number in the database turned into a float instead of an integer.

  • Fixed the bug where if you had a product on your Tebex store named $100,000 and another product named $100,000,000 and a player redeemed the $100,000,000 product, it would give the amount of tokens for the $100,000 product instead of the $100,000,000 one.

  • Fixed the item/weapon spawn names from showing on notifications instead of the labels.

By far my favorite CD script. This creates a seamless way for people to be rewarded for supporting the server. Set it and forget it. Once they purchase a supporter package on TEBEX, they can redeem their own coins in game with their trans #. Saves SO much time and energy

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Added a new way for the server to reward the people who support them!! clean UI and easy to use lots of options!!! just all around amazing!

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We’re delighted to hear about your experience :grinning: