[PAID] Codesign Door Lock


What is this resource?

The priority when creating this resource was to be as user-friendly as possible for new and experienced developers alike while still having all the advanced features a modern door lock system would need. This resource was designed for Gabz Maps, meaning door locks for every interior come pre-configured allowing you to choose which ones are activated with a single click. Although this resource does not require any Gabz maps as it will work on any doors, it just comes pre-configured for them.

Screen 1 - Creating Doors

How to create new doors?

Creating new doors is done through the in-game UI. Only those with pre-defined admin permissions can create new doors. It uses a combination of our custom target system and settings on the UI.

There are many optional settings you can configure when creating new doors such as:

  • Door Name: Name of the door to keep things organised.

  • Location Group: Location groups are what each door in a map is linked to (eg., every door in MRPD would be included in this location group). This makes it easier to keep things organised and gives the option to delete every door in a map.

  • Permissions: You can allow multiple jobs/identifiers/ace perms/discord roles to use the same door - example.

  • Sound: You can choose from multiple pre-configured sounds and add your own sounds. (you can preview each sound from the UI and the sound can be disabled).

  • Locked: Do you want this door to be locked by default?

  • Lockpick: Do you want to allow civilians to be able to attempt to lockpick this door? (you can choose any minigame for the lockpick).

  • Secret: Do you want this door to have the lock icon visible or hidden? (the lock icon indicates whether the door is locked or unlocked).

  • Camera: Do you want to activate this doors door camera?

  • Passcode: Do you want this door to have a passcode on it?

  • Distance: The distance at which you can interact with this door.

Copy/Paste: You also have the option to use the copy/paste door setting buttons to help with creating/editing a large number of doors.

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Screen 1 - Editing Doors

How to edit doors?

Editing doors is done through the in-game UI. Only those with pre-defined admin perms can edit doors. The changes take effect immediately.

Screen 2 - Door Control

  • Search: You can either view all doors or search for specific doors or location groups.
  • Remote Lock/Unlock: Players can remotely lock/unlock doors via the UI.
  • Door Camera: If a door has a door camera enabled, you can remotely view this camera. While in this camera you can use the mouse to move the camera around, zoom in and reverse the camera to view the other side of the door. It also displays the door name and the location group name.
  • Visit: If you have admin permissions; clicking this button will teleport you to this door, otherwise it will set a waypoint to this door.
  • Deleting Single Door: Deleting doors is done through the in-game UI. Only those with pre-defined admin perms can edit doors. You can easily delete door locks for individual doors.
  • Mass Delete Doors: You can also delete a whole map’s door locks with a single click and the changes take effect immediately. (eg., the 100+ doors for bolingbroke prison can be deleted instantly with a single click).

Note: The option to delete doors is only visible to admins.

Screen 3 - Importing Doors for Gabz Maps

This resource is made as simple to use as possible; therefore all of the doors for every Gabz Map come pre-configured. You can choose which map(s) you want to import the door lock files for and the script will set them up automatically for you. You can have 500+ doors fully configured with just a few clicks.

Screen 4 - Settings

The size of the UI can be changed here.

Other Features

  • Door Passcodes: You can set passcodes for doors which allow any player to access regardless of the job.

  • Discord Webhooks: Webhooks can be configured to send a message in your discord when an admin creates/edits/deletes a door.

  • Custom Target: We have included our own custom built-in optimized target system to reduce dependencies on other resources.

  • Built-in DrawTextUI: We have included our own custom built-in drawtextUI which changes colours based on the door lock state.

  • Standalone: This can be completely standalone and does not require any framework.

  • Job/Gang/Identifiers/Ace Perms/Discord Roles: When configuring admin or door permissions you can choose multiple methods all at the same time even for the same door - example.

  • Optimized: When not in use the client-side resmon runs at 0.01. When close to a door it runs at 0.04.

Documentation Website

We recommend that anyone interested in this resource checks out our Documentation Website. This documentation includes the following:

  • Step-by-step installation guide
  • Common issues & solutions
  • Code snippets
  • Error codes
  • Full preview of the Configs, Locales/Translations & SQL
  • Troubleshooting guide

Dependencies and Compatibility

Framework Dependencies

This resource can be completely standalone, no frameworks are required!

Framework Compatibility Notes
ESX :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports esx 1.1, 1.2, 1.final, extendedmode and all legacy versions.
QBCore :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports the official QBCore only.
vRP :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible
Standalone :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports FiveM Identifiers, Ace Perms and Discord Roles.
Other (custom framework) :heavy_check_mark: minor changes required Admin and job checks will need replacing.
SQL Resource Dependencies

This resource does not use the database.

Resource Dependencies

This resource has no resource dependencies.

Locale Type Translatable
UI :heavy_check_mark:
Notifications :heavy_check_mark:
OneSync Compatibility
State Compatibility
Infinity :heavy_check_mark:
Legacy :heavy_check_mark:
Disabled :heavy_check_mark:
Code is accessible No (however majority is accessible)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 5500+ (not including locales & libraries)
Requirements None
Support Yes

Buy Here - €20

Check out our Tebex store at https://codesign.pro

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Any reason why you use an out-dated emoji instead of drawtext?

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This a 10/10 solid door lock script. Really easy to setup, user friendly. Players love the look, the emoji and the functionality of this script!
Thanks for release!

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Hey, we choose that as it had good feedback from those who were beta-testing and those around us at the time of creation. We can easily add drawtextui or emoji or both as a config option if requested

I would definitely purchase it if there was a config option for drawtext (QBCore Drawtext, as well your drawtext)

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I would love to use for esx legacy with drawtext, going to purchase still but would love to see option for it in config!

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We will be adding more options for this which are configurable in the next update, thanks for the feedback :hearts:

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So only feature is: camera on doors, all EXISTING gabz map is already added.
I see no point of using this instead of… OX for example.
Please tell me, if there is something very different or better then ox.
(im not counting those 2 feats. what i written)

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Another good release from the folks at Codesign! Keep up the good work and amazing looking UI based scripts! :heart:

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Very nice!

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Request: Codesign Job Menu
An easy script to assign an F6 Job menu with options like, search player, handcuff player, etc.

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Wonderful release as always.

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Hello, the only reason we created a door lock resource was because it was requested for a project, so we made one with a UI; not surprising considering ALL of our resources are heavily UI based. Basic door lock code being managed through a UI can only be done so many ways. This resource was created to be easy to use and quick to install for newer developers with no script or framework dependancies.

I love all code sign scripts (please let my family go)

Changelog v1.0.4


  • Built-in DrawTextUI: Added a newly updated built-in draw text UI which is optional.

  • Draw3DText: Added draw 3d text which is optional.

  • Ace Perms: Added the option to use ace perms as an alternative to framework job checks.

  • Discord Role Perms: Added the option to use discord roles as permissions as an alternative to framework job checks.

  • Multiple Choice Permissions Access: With this new feature, you are no longer forced to choose 1 way of adding permissions, you can use multiple all at the same time.

  • For example., you no longer need to just use your frameworks admin or job checks; in addition to the standard framework admin/job checks, you can now set some doors to only be usable by those with a certain discord role, some doors to only be usable by those with certain ace perms and other doors to only be usable by certain fivem identifiers such as steam/license/fivem etc. On top of that, you can also set a door to use framework job checks, discord roles, ace perms and identifiers all at the same time!

  • Auto Lock Doors: You can now configure doors to auto-lock after x amount of seconds. Suggestion by Stixxzor#1513.