[PAID] Codesign CCTV Cameras


What is this resource?

Our CCTV script is an advanced surveillance system that lets players set up and manage security cameras within the game world. With our script, players can place and control multiple cameras, view live feeds on monitors, and receive notifications when something suspicious is detected.

This is perfect for role-playing scenarios. Players can use it to simulate different security and surveillance systems, such as in banks, police stations, government facilities and even your home. It’s also great for creative purposes, such as making cinematic videos or creating virtual reality shows.

Overall, this CCTV script is easy to install and use, with detailed instructions and support from our team. With its advanced features and flexibility, our script is a must-have for any serious FiveM player looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Placing CCTV Cameras

Different types of CCTV cameras? 3 different types of cameras can be configured in the config. They all function differently when viewing them:

Fixed: You can not rotate the camera or look up and down; you can only zoom in.

180°: You can rotate the camera 180°, look up and down and zoom in.

360°: You can rotate the camera 360°, look up and down and zoom in.

Who can place CCTV cameras? Any player with a usable camera item can place a camera, so you can choose which players can use them:

  • You can add camera items to your civilian shops for everyone to buy.
  • You can add the camera items to your police equipment shop for police only to buy.
  • Your admins/staff can place cameras manually and give other players/jobs access to view these cameras.

In the config, you can allow cameras to be placed using chat commands, but this is primarily for standalone servers.

How to place a CCTV camera? You can start placing cameras using the usable item or chat command. The CCTV camera prop is placed using our built-in target system, so you use your mouse to choose where to place it.

CCTV Management UI

Only cameras you have placed or been given access to will be visible on this UI.

There are many options on this UI for managing the cameras, such as:

  • View Single Camera: You can view a single camera.

  • View Selected Cameras: You can select multiple cameras to view and use the arrow keys to switch cameras.

  • Manage Access: You can give other players access to view a camera you have placed. You can give access in multiple ways, such as; job, gang, identifiers, ace perms and discord roles - View example here.

  • Manage Selected Access: This functions like managing access to a single camera, but you can manage multiple all-in-ones to save time.

  • View Access: You can view who has access to this camera.

  • Search: If you have many cameras, use the search bar to find specific ones.

  • Delete: You can delete the cameras you have placed.

  • Copy Camera ID: Each camera has a unique id; these camera ids are only visible to admins and are used for camera hacking.

Other Features

  • Hacking Cameras: On our Documentation Website, we have provided exports for you to allow criminals to hack any camera to either gain access to view them or disable them for x amount of minutes. You can hack a single camera or all cameras within a distance.

  • Detection Alert: You will receive an alert if a player walks in front of your camera.

  • Visible Props: All CCTV cameras have visible props.

  • Destroyable Cameras: If a camera that can be destroyed is shot, it will be permanently deleted. Destroyable cameras are configured in the config.lua.

  • Persistent Cameras: Persistent cameras will save and reapply after a server restart.

  • Timed Cameras: Timed cameras will delete x amount of minutes after placing them.

  • Standalone: This can be completely standalone and does not require any framework.

  • Job/Gang/Identifiers/Ace Perms/Discord Roles: When configuring admin/camera access permissions, you can choose multiple methods simultaneously, even for the same camera - View example here.

  • Optimised: When not used, the client-side resmon runs at 0.00. When viewing a camera, it runs at 0.07.

Documentation Website

We recommend that anyone interested in this resource checks out our Documentation Website. This documentation includes the following:

  • Step-by-step installation guide
  • Common issues & solutions
  • Code snippets
  • Error codes
  • Full preview of the Configs, Locales/Translations & SQL
  • Troubleshooting guide

Dependencies and Compatibility

Framework Dependencies
  • This resource can be completely standalone. No frameworks are required!
  • Auto Detect Framework: This feature automatically identifies your framework and applies the appropriate default settings.
Framework Compatibility Notes
ESX :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports esx 1.1, 1.2, 1.final, extendedmode and all legacy versions.
QBCore :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports the official QBCore only.
Standalone :heavy_check_mark: drag-and-drop compatible Supports FiveM Identifiers, Ace Perms and Discord Roles.
Other (custom framework) :heavy_check_mark: minor changes required Admin and job checks will need replacing.
SQL Resource Dependencies

This resource does not use the database.

Resource Dependencies

This resource has no resource dependencies.

Locale Type Translatable
UI :heavy_check_mark:
Notifications :heavy_check_mark:
OneSync Compatibility
State Compatibility
Infinity :heavy_check_mark:
Legacy :heavy_check_mark:
Disabled :heavy_check_mark:
Code is accessible No (however majority is accessible)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 5000+ (not including locales & libraries)
Requirements None
Support Yes

Buy Here - €20

Check out our Tebex store at https://codesign.pro

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ooooh nice one bro

and good price


Hi, record saving automatically ? like if a person shoot near the cam i can read video 2-3days after this

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Stoked for this, + the optimization.


I have to say, the showcase video is one of the best I’ve ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice work, well done!


Codesign are the Apple of FiveM. Most of their scripts concepts have already been out a while, but they will be the ones to perfect it.

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i was going to say the say thing, hahaha love the effort in the preview


Had this since it was pre-release.

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Best camera script I have found.


Sorry, this doesnt record videos.

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Adding recordings to the cameras would be a nice feature

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can you shoot the cameras and it cuts out??

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Yes, you can have destructible cameras

Love this CCTV script, has so many options to give permissions to different groups, jobs or single players. Highly recommend! <3


This Script is really awesome, i just love the clean Ui and how it works. Even the Feature Place Cams somwhere is cool. (: I just added it to our police Job so exports work good too. Highly Recommend!


Really great script for monitoring multiple area, also great for extra roleplay server!

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Is it possible to change the camera prop config? Just dont want it clashing with another cctv script i got