[PAID] Highly customisable Car HUD by Codesign

Car HUD by Codesign, grab it on our Tebex Store

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CarHUD brings a new concept to the table with the idea to maximize customizability on the server and client sides.

It allows every player to tailor the HUD to their preferences and needs.

You don’t need to waste time playing around with different vehicle HUDs, their settings, and code - Just let the players design it themselves. Players can also set their own key binds.

The main display contains:

  • Speed Gauge
  • RPM Gauge
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Dashboard lights and alerts
  • Street name
  • Compass

These options are fully customizable through the settings menu:

  • Display of each element
  • Colors of gauges ( from low to high )
  • Size of gauges
  • Size of the street name
  • Size of dashboard indicators
  • Size of compass
  • Position of elements ( drag to move )
  • Set an alert when the engine health or fuel is low ( you choose the alert value )
  • Refresh rate

Also included:

  • An optional, customizable seatbelt system that can ragdoll a player out of their vehicle if they crash without a seatbelt. When enabled the seatbelt dashboard icon will light up
  • An optional, cruise control system. When enabled the cruise control dashboard icon will light up

View the other settings tabs





The balance between performance and optimisation is something that you need to decide. You simply can’t have the resource peforming at its peak performance by updating the UI every frame without that having an effect on the optimisation. Although, the resource has been created in such a way where you can allow your players to decide whether they want peak performance from the UI at the cost of loosing 1-2 fps or if they want to keep the fps at the cost of the UI being less responsive when updating the UI values. But there is a middle ground which we do recommend where you can get the best of both worlds with a little compromise.

  • Seat belt (0.03ms) - By default, the thread for the seat belt in client/functions.lua consumes the majority of the ms. It can be reduced by 0.02ms by disabling Config.DisableExitingVehicle. The ms can be reduced by 0.03ms in total by disabling the seatbelt completely if you don’t wish to use it or you have a more optimised one - Config.Seatbelt.ENABLE.

  • Carhud UI (0.02ms) - The refresh rate of the UI can also play a huge factor in optimisation. The default refresh rate value is 500ms. But you can set this default value for all players at the bottom of the configs/ui_config.js. The UI by itself with all elements and settings enabled will use 0.02ms during use. Each individual player can also modify this value, lowering it will result in the UI being more responsive at the cost of increased resource usage.

Check out our NEW Documentation Website.

We recommend that anyone interested in this resource checks out our new Documentation Website. This documentation includes:

  • Full installation guide
  • “How to” guides
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Full preview of the Configs and Locales/Translations

Dependencies and Compatibility


Framework Dependencies

Sql Resource Dependencies

Resource Dependencies

the text on the UI and notifications can be fully translated into any language

OneSync Compatibility

Non-OneSync Compatibility

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Omg this is like the best looking car hud out there . where have you been all my life


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Actually, I like it! Wouldn’t pay for it, but I think there are people that will!

EDIT: I checked it and saw the settings-menu and the customization. Holy shit this is AMAZING!


They can, new Tebex rules! :smiley:

Btw good work @Codesign <3


Glad you like it! :smile:

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Thanks Atomic, as always :smile:


Very nice idea you got there !


@CodesignDoes it comes with database to save settings ?

No, it saves data client-side. :smile:

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Do you have any connection with pw? The design resembles a lot

Who is pw?


No offense to PixelWorld but we do not know who they are or have any association to them. If you do have an issue with our scripts and feel that we are infringing copyright, feel free to flag the post.

I didn’t say anything related to the problem, I just asked if there was a relationship because the design is similar. Congratulations on the work.

it doesnt look like the new car hud of PixelWorld ~ PW partner
Great work by the way


I didn’t talk about the hud itself but about the buttons and colors.

  • The RPM, Speed shows even for Bicycles.

  • Speedometer doesn’t go above 250 km/h which is average speed of custom vehicles.

  • Engine button doesn’t work logically. It doesn’t light up until you set it above 50%. Maybe math behind it is wrong.

  • Also you cannot disable “keybinds” to edit hud. By reading Documentation for hud (Not mentioned anywhere in advertisement post or on tabex store page) that all the players need to “clear cache” to fix this after editing script?

Note : This was tested on a server I play on.

Thank you for reporting, we will make sure to fix the bicycle issue in future updates :slight_smile:

The UI shows numbers from the GetEntitySpeed native so numbers do go above 250, not sure where this one is coming from.

There is no math really - if its damaged more than x % it lights up. We tested and its working. Cant do much without more info.

If the README is read before implementing this script to the server, owners would notice a config option to disable the RegisterKeyMapping native.



GetEntitySpeed is correct. But the UI doesn’t allow speeds over a certain limit? (They use custom handlings for GTA cars also.)

The car is fully dead in the video below you can see the smoke coming out from back. The engine light doesn’t come up 90% of time. Players complaining all day.

Also removed “RegisterKeyMapping” native line from client side fully still pressing E opens up editing menu.