[PAID] Codesign Vehicle Control


What is this resource?

Codesigns vehicle control is an all-in-1 UI which allows you to have complete control of all your vehicle’s features.

Screen 1 - Doors, Windows & Seats

This screen displays various options for you to enable/disable on your vehicle:

  • Turn on/off the engine
  • Open/close doors (+ hood & trunk)
  • Open/close windows
  • Change seats
  • Lock/unlock your vehicle (if you use a vehicle key lock script)

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Screen 2 - Extras & Liveries

This screen can be disabled in the config.

This screen shows the exact amount of extras and liveries the vehicle has and allows only the driver to enable/disable them.

No Vehicle Repairs For Extras: This resource does not need to fully repair your vehicle every time an extra is enabled.

Job Restricted Usage: You can allow all players to be able to use this part of the UI to toggle extras and liveries or you can restrict it to certain jobs only (you can choose multiple jobs).

Location Restricted Usage: You can allow players to be able to use this part of the UI to toggle extras and liveries anywhere on the map or you can restrict it to certain areas around the map (you can choose multiple locations).

Note: The 2 usage restricting features above^^ can work independently of each other or in combination with each other; (for example., only police and ambulance jobs can use the UI to toggle extras but also they can only do this in certain areas around the map.)

Screen 3 - Lights & Indicators

This screen can be disabled in the config.

This screen displays more options for you to enable/disable on your vehicle:

  • Turn on/off indicators (left/right/both)
  • Turn on/off the interior light
  • Turn on/off neon lights

Screen 4 - Settings

This screen contains all of the settings of the vehicle control, which each player can customise to their personal preference. This data is saved and will re-apply after a relog, server restart etc.

There is no option to move the UI as it needs to stay centred because of the dynamic display UI; which will change size depending on the number of seats your vehicle has, so allowing the UI to be moved could cause the UI to go off of your screen and cause issues.

Other Features

  • Live Status Update: The UI displays a live status of the doors/windows/seats etc. For example, if you have the UI open and a player enters your vehicle, the UI will update instantly to display this, and the same for doors, windows etc.

  • Dynamic Display: The UI will display the exact amount of doors, windows, seats etc your vehicle has, eg., if you’re in a sultan, the UI will display 4 doors, 4 windows and 4 seats, however, if you’re in a bus the UI will display 16 seats etc.

  • Restricted Passenger Actions: A passenger can only interact with the door/window of the seat he is sitting in and he can not use the engine/vehicle lock feature. For example, the passenger in the back right seat can only open/close the back right door/window. But the driver can interact with everything.

  • Standalone: This is completely standalone and does not require any framework.

  • Themes: Players can choose their own themes.

  • Optimized: When not in use the client-side resmon runs at 0.00. When the UI is open the resmon does shoot up to 0.6. But that’s a compromise we were willing to make to have the live view feature; because it’s irrelevant how high the resmon is for the few short seconds a player has the UI open.

Documentation Website

We recommend that anyone interested in this resource checks out our Documentation Website. This documentation includes:

  • Step-by-step installation guide
  • Common issues & solutions
  • Code snippets
  • Error codes
  • Full preview of the Configs, Locales/Translations & SQL
  • Troubleshooting guide

Dependencies and Compatibility

Framework Dependencies

This resource is completely standalone, no frameworks are required!

SQL Resource Dependencies

This resource does not use the database.

Resource Dependencies

This resource has no resource dependencies.

Locale Type Translatable
UI :heavy_check_mark:
Notifications :heavy_check_mark:
OneSync Compatibility
State Compatibility
Infinity :heavy_check_mark:
Legacy :heavy_check_mark:
Disabled :heavy_check_mark:
Code is accessible No (however majority is accessible)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500+ (not including locales & libraries)
Requirements None
Support Yes

BUY HERE - €15

Check out our Tebex store at https://codesign.pro

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wooow nice work bro

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Just a heads up, this will not work with most vehicles with a lightbar extra, I opened a ticket, and they said it had to do if the vehicle had even a slight amount of damage; it would not work. I did suggest that if the vehicle was above 95% health, repair it, but that suggestion was ignored.


Hello @Robert4049,
From what I can see you must have suggested this in a general chat or a ticket, as there are no pending suggestions for anything related to this issue with the vehicle control. Unfortunately it most likely got missed due to the volume of messages in tickets and general chats. Feel free to open a ticket and discuss this with us further.

I have had this for some time now and it works fine

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Within the code accessible, is it possible to tie in a framework? Specifically to the extras/livery menu? I’d like to restrict that to a few jobs only, which for me the possibility of that is what gives this an edge over my current vehicle control script.

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Hey, yes this feature has just been added along with the option to also restrict toggling extras/liveries to set locations

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That’s even better! I’m sure you’re aware of the vehicle getting repaired whenever those are used, precisely why I wanted to restrict them. Via location is perfect.

Yeah, we have just pushed an update to counter this issue, you can read more about it on our Changelog. Our script does not fully repair the car every time an extra is used tho

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Very good script with cool looking UI !

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