Realistic Life-Like Animated Legion Vertical Screen

An enormous vertical animated screen close to legion square can be used to propmote your server or any other thing you want.

Video: FiveM Billboard - Legion Vertical Screen - YouTube
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  • We are using the FiveM asset escrow system to protect sensitive files. You can read more about escrow system here (Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources)

  • The purchase is done through Tebex, an official partener of fivem. After The purchase you’ll have access to download the files from the keymaster > Purchased assets tab.

  • You can easily change the textures of the screen as long as you have a basic knowledge of photo editing and replacing textures on ytd files.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes
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Nothing special this should be a free asset man…

Bro literally replaced texture with gif (assumingly) I dunno how its working and charging 8 euro for texture replacement? that should be free as the guy said above.

i bought this Billboard and my players love it.Thanks a lot guys <3

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A lot more is done here, besides a gif as a texture lol.

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btw, swooped almost all your billboards. Gonna be big sad if you release a package. great release, simply drag and drop, easy peasy to switch out textures, (now I wonder if i could use .gif)

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Thank you and stay tuned for more! Sadly it’s imposible to use a gif, with these packages.

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Ive seen some maps, vehicles with animated textures. Maybe a suggestion or idea for future update

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We have a lot of plans just stay tuned!

Again this should be free nothing special at all.

there are free ones, that do different things. They are not as nice, and some do not even light up.
I feel you should enjoy those, instead of discrediting someone elses work and effort.

just my 2 cents.

I would have payed if he actually made a nui with it to control the screens. These days they wanna charge for half work.

Sir this is a streamable object not script

Thats the reason it should be an free asset

Thank you all for your feedback. The Legion Vecrtical Screen is on a 10% discount. Join our store and get yours!!

nice nice!

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