[MLO] Pet Shop



Video: Fivem & GTA V Map - MLO - Interior : Petshop - YouTube
You can buy it at our Store: https://doitdigital.tebex.io/package/5341882

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes
[FREE] Glowing Puffer Jacket
[Weapon] [Add-On] ARC15
[ESX/QBCORE/VRP] 175 Dynamic & Custom Crosshairs For Fivem
[Weapon] [Add-On] ARS
[Weapon] [Add-On] FN502
[Weapon] [Add-On] HFSMG
Santa Statue & City Christmas Design - Highly Optimised
[Weapon] [Add-On] H2SMG
[Weapon] [Add-On] HOWA
[Weapon] [Add-On] MZA
[Weapon] [Add-On] SFAK
Christmas Add-On Pack V2 - Highly optimised
[Weapon] [Add-On] SAFAK
[Weapon] [Add-On] SAR
Life-Like Arcadius Billboard
[Weapon] [Add-On] AK-4K
[weapon] [add-on] A15-RC
[Weapon] [Add-On] AKM-KH
[Weapon] [Add-On] SLR-15
[Weapon] [Add-On] DRH
[Weapon] [Add-On] FMR
[Weapon] [Add-On] M16A3
Realistic Life-Like Animated Square Mega Screen
[Weapon] [Add-On] GALIL-AR
[Weapon] [Add-On] FN-42
[Weapon] [Add-On] CAS-R
[Weapon] [Add-On] BULLDOG
Realistic Life-Like Animated Mall Billboard
[ESX/QBCore] Modern Chat System
[MLO] Sprinkle Cake Pop
[MLO] Bonsai Roof Garden
Life-Like Gunshop Billboard 2EUR
[ESX] Modern Admin Menu
[weapon] [add-on] NEVA Glowing In Night Animated
[Weapon] [Add-On] M16A3
Realistic Life-Like Animated Maze Screen
[weapon] [add-on] SB-4S
[weapon] [add-on] JRB-AK
[weapon] [add-on] AK47-S
[weapon] [add-on] FAMAS Underground
[weapon] [add-on] Infantry AR
[weapon] [add-on] M-133
[weapon] [add-on] Grau 5.56
Realistic Life-Like Animated FIB Vertical Screen
Realistic Life-Like Animated Legion Vertical Screen
Realistic Life-Like Animated FIB Elgin Avenue Billboard
Realistic Life-Like Animated Legion Square Billboard
Life-Like Strawberry Avenue Billboard
Life-Like Diamond Casino Billboard
[ESX/QBCORE] Modern Radio car and Boombox
HAPPY 2023 Animated Sign
Road Circular Prop Billboard
[ESX/QBCORE] Advanced UI Report System
Life-Like Triple Billboard
Drug Hidden Cabin [MLO]
DoItDigital All-In-One HUD System
10x3 Drug Places, Weed,Coke,Meth
XMAS Add-On Pack V3
Christmas Script - 3 Events
[ESX] Civilian & Criminal Battlepass
[Weapons Pack] [Sale] Best Fivem Weapon Pack | 30 Weapons For 5 Euro
[FREE] Glowing Nike Air Max Shoes
[FREE] Neon Stars Hoodie

Kinda how the mlo is here for free from 2021 :clown_face:

If you watch the video its actually a pretty nice interior redesign, at least I think so.


Yeah everyone can build a petshop in the same place and name it the same with someone else. But as you can seen in the video it totaly different from the inside.

Very interested in buying this however, the tebex is currently unavailable!