[FREE] Glowing Nike Air Max Shoes

We present to you the incredible Nike Air Max Glowing Version. This insane package will give access to 8 different pairs of shoes that glow at night. There are 8 different colors in there for your server 's community to enjoy!

This resource is 100% free. Thank you for all your support

You can find the resource for free here: https://tebex.doitdigital.shop/package/5371570

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Support Yes

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Hello, for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I tried to view it in OpenIV, and the .ydd file doesn’t open :confused:

could you provide us some screenshots?

The file you’re trying to open is the 3d model. You can edit the textures below!

Yes I know, but still shouldn’t I be able to open the model? It also doesn’t work for me on the server :confused:

No we don’t allow any editing on 3d model but only on textures. Could you provide a screenshot of your folder that you have the stremables?

same doesnt work rip

We deliver to you only the streamables you have to set it on your own add-on directory.

lol its in i promise but doesnt work rip

Hello there DoItDigital Team, how’re you? :slight_smile:
I come here again because I have found a few more details about the last problem I posted so:
1 - If I only load this shoes, they will load correctly and will be number 93 on shoes when only using ESX Legacy Clothes pack included.
2 - When I add new custom clothes pack, resource will load, I called it [neon] but this shoe will not show on my Clothes store or even if I use /skin.
Do you know if there’s some kind of compatibility problems with any other clothes resource? Or somehow I could make it work?
Thanks in advance