Life-Like Gunshop Billboard 2EUR


An animated screen at Central Gunshop Billboard can be used to propmote your server or any other thing you want.

  • You can easily change the textures of the screen as long as you have a basic knowledge of photo editing and replacing textures on ytd files.

Video: FiveM Billboard - Central Gunshop Billboard - YouTube
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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
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Support Yes

You posted this yesterday and it was FREE, I downloaded it from your Tebex and used it on my server, a few hours later, you revoked my access to it because you changed your mind and wanted to make it PAID.
That’s not a good way to get customers to your store.

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Hello @aymannajim and thank you for your feedback.
This resource was indeed free yesterday however today it is not anymore. No one 's, and i really cant stress this enough, no one 's license has been revoked. All of you that got it yesterday for free will keep your licenses. I do not understand what exactly you are showing with this screenshot. Please contact us via a personal message here on the forum and tell us what issue you have so that we can help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

Have a great day,
We are here to help!

Thats wild, mines still there

Why not a whole screen shot?

When I try to re-download the asset, it throws that error.


Hmm… because my other assets are none of your concern.

Lol, like my screen shot shows anything besides the given asset. You were able to crop the picture down to show that.

However, you are not showing what Asset not Found is attached too as I did.
Makes zero sense why it would do this to you, and not everyone?

Either way, he said send him a DM and he will correct the issue if it exists

Your video title still says free

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