[ESX/QBCore] Modern Chat System


This is a highly customizable and optimized resource that replaces FiveM’s chat
You can find all its features on our store and dont forget to check the video!

Video: Fivem & GTA V Script : Do It Digital Chat - YouTube
You can buy it at our Store: https://doitdigital.tebex.io/package/5352037

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements QBCORE - es_extended (1.2,1.6,1.8)
Support Yes

Amazing job!
Its compitable with any phone? for contact buttons?
Is it work on ESX Legasy and oxmysql?

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Commands will works?

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You can change shortcut commands in the config

Commands will works?
I am asking for the commands like /tpm /giveitem 1 bread 1.

This type of command will works ?

yeah every command will work.

Opensource version available?

No we do not offer opensource scripts

Yes you can make it work with any phone you have. You are able to fully configure every setting in the functions.lua file. And yes it does work with ESX Legacy as well as oxmysql. However keep in mind that for it to work with oxmysql you will need to setup your queries according to your SQL library

Any plans for qbcore?

QBCore is now supported!

I purchased, And it lacking qb support, just esx is this a mistake?

Our chat script is fully supported by QBcore. What was wrong with the script?

I’m not sure the version on key master correct then dude, There nothing there related to qbcore only esx I have ticket open

Dont see this on your tebex

It’s available again!

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The Chat is plug n play for qbcore. Nothing you need to do besides remove the current chat resource and start this one.
Works great.

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Chat replacements are not allowed