๐Ÿš€ [PAID][Standalone] Quest system - Passing/Creating missions, tasks with rewards | UI

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I welcome you CFX community!

Today i present to you a unique, standlone system for creating missions / quests similar to GTA V, thanks to which you can diversify or create your own storyline on your server! Iโ€™m sure you and your players will love it!

This system will allow you to create missions/quests exactly the way you want, exclusively limited by your imagination. Initially, this system was conceived as a replacement for work, but over time it turned into a great tool. Do you want to make a beautiful start to the mission? Set the appropriate cutscene to the beginning. Do you want great monologues ? Set the appropriate text! You can also add animations, NPCs, rewards and more! The quest system is very easy to configure!


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The script consumes:

0.00 ms in a quiet state.


0.07 ms in an active state.


Note: This quest system is not encrypted in any way, which will give you the opportunity to edit it at your request!

What does this quest system include:

  • Fully autonomous system, which makes it compatible with any framework!

  • The ability to install cutscenes in your quests !

  • The ability to set animations to your actions!

  • The ability to set monologues/text in the mission!

  • The ability to create NPCs on missions!

  • The system includes 22 completed missions, and you can do more!

  • You can customize any reward you want for completing mission/quests!

  • A huge opportunity to customize the resource according to your desire!

  • Of course support, i am ready to help you edit this quest system: customize according to your desire, functionality, etc.!

(US$55.00 - includes tax)
You can get that resource in my Tebex.
Promo code for 5% to the first 3 people: ET35-65KH-VZ95

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~2000
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Update 2.0.0 of all versions :rocket:

  • All versions have been merged into one resource, now you can switch between them using the configuration file.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed a bug where the blip didnโ€™t always disappear.
  • Added job support that allows some quests to be used only by certain jobs. (ESX)
  • Added a nice UI that appears when the quest is completed. It is possible to enable/disable the UI in the configuration file.
  • Added support for the latest versions of QBCore.
  • Added support and a module for the :infinity: Core Skills resource.
  • Added the ability to activate the quest only at a certain time.
  • The ability to configure so that the quest can be completed only once per restart.
  • Extended configuration file, for more detailed configuration.

Contact me if you have any questions.


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looks dope but damn thatโ€™s expensive.


Looks amazing but 80$ quite exspensive, well tho it is a good system.


Fantastic , its what im lookin for
but that price more expensive

i think iโ€™ill comeback if price goes down


i absolutely LOVE this idea but $80 is well outside my budget unfortunately. Likely outside the budget for many small and/or new communities as well.


80 Bugs? :joy:

Have a good one

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The price has been reduced, enjoy :partying_face:

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$55 is still crazy expensive, I bought the whole game for $55 and it came with missions and a whole story mode. Looks good tho


You get the full source code without any encryption, I think itโ€™s a fair price.

Donโ€™t let people that arenโ€™t even going to buy anyway talk you down even more. Itโ€™s your work and you charge what you think your time is worth. They all just want everything for nothing because their moms wonโ€™t raise their allowance.

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Thatโ€™s all well and good to say, but i honestly think heโ€™d make a lot more $ off it by lowering it a bit to where the smaller-med servers can afford. I also donโ€™t think almost $70 Aud is nothing either, especially when he hasnโ€™t got that many releases yet other than loading screens etc (no disrespect iโ€™m sure itโ€™s a great release, itโ€™s just good to be a lil cautious sometimes with higher priced scripts) In the end itโ€™s all just feedback and what he choses to do with that and how he choses to respond to it is entirely up to him. Maybe have two options, one with source code and one without :slight_smile:

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Thank you my friend, these are worthwhile words :smiling_face:

A new encrypted version of the quest system with key binding has become available on Tebex for a lower cost, welcome :mountain_snow:

If it was like $20 Iโ€™d buy it. But 50 is wayyyy too much.

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Check out my post above


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ESX support is available on request

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Nice Script, it works with 1.2 perfekt. Nice Seller, thx mate

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Hi mate, just bought your quest system qb encrypted but getting this error

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I think itโ€™s already been decided? :smile: