[Custom Vehicle] FoodTruck + Script



All our vehicles follow the new ToS!
All vehicles are unbranded, custom and unique!!


  • NEW 3d model with ONLY 120k polygon
  • Improved performance
  • No more extra! Now interior are all tuning parts! (like bull horn on bonnet)
  • You can remove all the interior and change color!
  • Better walkable!
  • Free script included! You can cook anywhere, add custom recipes and more!

Have you already bought it? Download the updated version!

A unique vehicle that you will not be able to find anywhere else!

  • 3d model created by us
  • Customized handling
  • 2 seat
  • Livery and template
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Tuning Parts
  • Perfect for roleplay!
  • Extra lights
  • Script
  • Custom Inventory Image

VIDEO: YouTube


  • ESX and QB Beta Version
  • Customizable recipes
  • The blip is triggered by using an item

Want more? Just ask and we’ll do free upgrades for everyone like we always do!

VIDEO: YouTube

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Code is accessible .meta and .ytd
Subscription-based BOTH OF THEM! subscribe HERE to have access to all our mods every month or buy them separately
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements No
Support Yes

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here for ESX version

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hi @Beauflexx !!!

i will update it tomorrow!!! :smiley:


be dope to see some animation attached to cooking!

We have seen many videos on youtube and what the vehicle is used for… most of the time for kidnap or kill someone! :rofl: the script cooks instantly but we can add it as an option!

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Voodoo always making fire vehicles! Subscription is well worth it!

hi @_Project-RP !!! Thank you!

This month, if there are no unexpected events, there will be 4 releases instead of the usual 3 :heart_eyes:

please ESX

hi @champ13 !

we are testing the ESX version in our servers! will be released as soon as possible :smiley:

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Thank you very much, I watched it and it’s really cool.


Sorry, I always forget to write updates here too! :sweat_smile:

meanwhile, we have released the version for ESX

we have also updated both ESX/QB versions…now to show the blip just use an item and to deactivate it there is option in the menu


added jobs for every recipes in QBcore script!

coming soon: ESX with jobs and OX_inventory!