[PAID][Custom Vehicle] DirtBike


!!! YOU CAN BACKFLIP !!! Click HERE for video

Unique motorcycle!

  • 3d model created by us
  • Customized handling
  • 1 seats
  • EXTRAS !!!
  • Includes weapons as extras on bike as addon weapons for FiveM

Of this vehicle you can modify in addition to the engine:

  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Pearlescence

VIDEO: YouTube

TEBEX: VooDoo Custom

This 3d model was not imported from any site or video game, it was created by us with Zmodeler, 3DS Max and other graphics programs. It is a unique vehicle that you will not be able to find anywhere else!

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so cool, although I think the engine should not be all rusty, but still good job

Hi @outsider310 ! Thanks, we have decided to make this model as rust as possible :grinning:

why couldn’t you make it a 2 stroke :frowning: :frowning:

Hi @Tadehz ! Because in gta there are already 2-stroke offroad motorcycles, we wanted to do something different especially for the zombie / apocalyptic servers! :smiley: :zombie: