[PAID] [Custom Vehicle] Sharkdoo


gif sharkdoo

Unique motorcycle!

  • 3d model created by us
  • Customized handling
  • 2 seat

You can also modify:

  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Pearlescence

VIDEO: YouTube

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Code is accessible .meta and .ytd
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Lines (approximately) N/A
Polygons 266.000
Vertices 200.000
Requirements No
Support Yes

This 3d model was not imported from any site or video game, it was created by us with Zmodeler, 3DS Max and other graphics programs. It is a unique vehicle that you will not be able to find anywhere else!

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Unique & cool looking :eyes:


looks funny :smile:

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you should make a seabreacher i have not seen one on five m yet

OMG!!! :heart_eyes: I love it!!! I’m adding it to the to-do list! Tnx @modz_mcfarlane !!! :kissing_heart:

please please keep me updated that would be dope <3

We watched some videos to see how it works … It’s the coolest thing ever and if it didn’t cost 100k $ I would have bought it already !!! We have stopped all other projects and we are already working on it since this morning!!!


This looks awesome! My only concern is the high Polygons and Vertices count, when it doesn’t seem like it needs to be that high. Could you maybe explain the reasoning behind it?


Hi @ItsANoBrainer !!!

Thanks for the question!

In this vehicle it is necessary to calculate that all the faces are double because it is a solid and not a part of sheet metal as often happens in some vehicles, if you put your head inside the engine you will not see through the chassis, you will not see the “back” of the polygons, there are no empty spaces or other strange glitches as well as in all our vehicles for this they have a higher number of polygons and vertices than the others but are distributed in such a way as not to create problems for the game because there is no cluster such as to crash the server and the vertices do not collide even if 30 are spawned all one above the other. There are also some aesthetic details inside the engine that are made only of beauty that we can safely remove without problems at the request of customers :smiley:

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