[PAID] [Custom Vehicle] Project Z

Hi, this is our first release!

Project Z


Unique motorcycle!

  • 3d model created by us
  • Customized handling
  • 1 seat
  • 280 km / h
  • Extra

Of this vehicle you can modify in addition to the engine:

Primary color (body)

Secondary color (frame)



Neon and light colors (yes, this bike has neons !!!)

Polygons: 409786

Vertices: 323636

Price: 30€ + TAX

Shop: Tebex Shop

Video: YouTube


For motorcycle 36€ ? one model ? for 36€ you can buy unique scripts and maps.
Sorry but 36€ for motorcycle is too much.

This is a custom model that took 40 hours of work to create it from scratch! It is not a motorcycle model imported from other games!

Looks amazing thanks for all the hard work. would be awesome for a 1 of 1 on a server

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Hell yeah, this is killer!! I love this thing! I can see how much time went into this. Custom models are not as easy as most would think. If I had a server, I would totes add this. Hope to see some more custom bikes from you. Keep up the awesome work!

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