On Rockstar's recently published modding policy

On Friday, Rockstar published an updated policy for the modding community. Those changes pertain much of the stance we’ve had for a long time regarding intellectual property and commercialization of copyrighted content. FiveM is committed to seeing the GTA modding community evolve and expand, delivering new experiences for both players and the creative community alike.

In order for the FiveM community to continue to grow and flourish safely, we stand by and echo the policy set by Rockstar that may trigger legal actions against a specific server and/or result in those servers being taken down. Some of the types of servers and server behavior that could lead to enforcement include:

  • Misusing the Rockstar Games brand or its game IP - this could involve using Rockstar Games trademarks and IP in a way that might lead players to believe a server or content thereof was an official Rockstar Games product.
  • Integration of real-world brands - e.g. partnering with, creating assets or in-game events for real world brands such as vehicle or food manufacturers and sports teams for sponsorship and in-game advertising integration.
  • Integration of characters and content from non-GTA or non-Rockstar IP - e.g. creating models of characters from major TV and movie franchises.
  • Integration of NFTs, cryptocurrency, loot boxes, play-to-earn mechanics or microtransactions.

We will be updating our terms of service in the following week to reflect those changes and clarify on all of the above points to take away any ambiguity. We recommend server owners to take these changes into account and continue to be in good standing with FiveM and Rockstar. We hope that by providing some guidelines for creators, players can engage with FiveM servers safely.