[Standalone] Rufi_PoliceCBC (Check if players are seat belted in real time)

With Rufi_PoliceCBC police can check if players are wearing or not seat belts in realtime.

If the police player activate the checkbelt command and is inside config distance and is in front or next to the players vehicle then can check if players wear or not the seatbelt in realtime.

If the player is belted then nothing is showed, but if the player is not belted then it shows a config text or emoji.

Seat belt status can be triggered by same key you use with your belt script or using ‘TriggerEvent(‘Rufi_PoliceCBC:Toogle’)’ in your belt trigger system instead keypress.

The script is standalone, you only need to add your framework getjob trigger. It comes with ESX config option.

You can Config the parameters in Config.lua file:

The script is full optimiced (0.01ms when idle and arround 0.9ms to 0.20ms drawing 3dtext.)

UPDATE 16/05:

  • Added multijob option so you can now enable command for multiple jobs.

The script is not encripted or ip locked

You can check the script in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbVsoLz2rvQ

You can purchase the script HERE

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Does this work as a seatbelt system on its own? I am currently using a vehicle system that I do not want to change.

No, this is not a seatbelt system, you need to use your own seatbelt system.

UPDATE 16/05:

  • Added multijob option so you can now enable command for multiple jobs.

How to make it so this script is automatically enabled rather then police having to type the command every time they join?

I’m having issues getting this script to work on my server. I’m using Qbus, and I follow what’s in the script. But it’s not working. The Dev hasn’t been around for about 6+ months. Can anyone help me? I think the issue is the RegisterCommand trigger.