[Esx, ExM] Esx_RufiEM No more off duty or double jobs!

With Esx_RufiEM you can hire, change job grade or fire any player that you want for your job.

(Only boss grade can access to Employee management menu and you can enable a discord webhook log option.)

It get saved on database and the player can get on duty with the job and grade you set.

So if a police want to go fishing, for example, it can go to jobcenter, set fisherman job and when he want to get on police duty, just go to the duty management point and get the job and grade that the boss set to him.

The script works on Esx all versions and ExM and it’s full optimized.

It just need a mysql-async script and esx_menu_default.

The script comes on English by default, but you can translate or modify easy because It’s not encrypted or ip locked.

Just don’t sell or give a copy to others, respect my work.

You can see the script working on this video: Esx_RufiEM [fivem Employee management script] - YouTube

You can buy it (4.95€ + tax) HERE

If you neeed any help or support, just join to my discord (Link inside tebex store)


You get an email when you buy it.

No problem, i send you a link on mp.