[Standalone] Rufi_CK (Easy way to do players CK)

With Rufi_CK you can execute CK to your players easily, just with one command.

You can use it with connected players just typing the player id like ‘/ck 2’
or with steam id: ‘/ck steam:11000013b1d8’
or license id: ‘/ck license:b2a085ae872e5fd553291329635e833ec4b6’

The script search all data stored in database for targeted player and delete it.

The script has an ingame chat log to show process to the admin that executed the command.

Also has DC webhook log.
The command can be used for admins with ACE perms or with steam inside Config.Admins table.

Script load is 0.0:

The script is not encrypted or ip locked so you can edit what you want, only respect my work and don’t share or sell it.

It can be used on over all frameworks only requires mysql to run it.

You can see the script in action here: https://youtu.be/UF0El7uXI4M

You can purchase it for 5.95€ +tax on my TEBEX STORE

So simply this for players with ESX?

That’s an old version but can easily be adapted and no need to pay 10 euros.

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It doesn’t works like that, it auto search all data from the player automatically, do not need to put every table in a file. Also can works from inside server with connected player and with license id.

3 rows of code could do this xd

esx_identity also has full character deletion .

esx_identity just delete the character no the other things like inventory, vehicles, properties etc…

A little bit expensive but very useful, great as ever Rufi! I will buy for sure, with a little discount maybe will be a 100% perfect resource :slight_smile:

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Hi, I bought this script, but despite having mysql-async and so on, it doesn’t work. It just kicks me, but does not delete any of my database information that I put in the config file.

Open a ticket in my DC (Link on my tebex store) And I’ll help you

znam script který je podobný a je zadarmo, vytvořil jej český developer, tvořil jej i live na twich a funguje paradně

I paid 6 euros here and the script doesn’t work! he just throws the person out of the server but the travel agency doesn’t give it to him

Author hasn’t been seen for months and reportedly script broken