[Standalone] Rufi_VisualShootLog Visualy log your players shootings

With Rufi_VisualShootLog , you can make a picture of each shoot of your players (Only the shoot that they doing pointing to other players or peds ) and send to a webhook on DC.

The picture is fullscreen.

With this, you can graphically log shootings roles and see what your players do when there is no staff, like police shooting peds or shooting each other.

This is standalone so you can use on all frameworks.

You can easily edit to add job restriction or what you want it’s not encripted or ip locked

You need Screenshot-basic to use it.

If you need some help to do a custom config on it, just contact me on my DC (Link on tebex store)

You can see how it looks on your webhook here

You can buy it on my tebex store (4.95€ + tax) here


you really making it difficult for us to failrp :frowning:

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AMAZING script tho haha

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