[ESX, EXM] Esx_RufiCarKeys. Give your keys, Park quit not owned vehicles, lockpick system and more!



With ESX_RufiCarKeys you can give the keys of your owned vehicles to people and you can also delete them.

Keys get synced with Database so keys are permanent.

  • To open the keys menu just type /keys.
  • To use key for open/close vehicle press U by default (You can change it on top of client.lua)
  • To use key for start/stop engine press Z by default (You can change it on top of client.lua)

If you activate the “EngineKey” option, the vehicles will only start if you have the correct vehicle key (EngineKey enabled in video demo)

Car key system works perfect with all type of vehicles including motorbikes.

Just need to put this: TriggerServerEvent(‘RufiCarkey:RegisterPlate’, plate, vehicleModel)
in your vehicle shop script or buy job vehicles scripts to register a key.

It comes in two languages, English and Spanish, but you can translate or modify what you want (it’s not encrypted or ip locked.)

By default, it’s fully compatible with esx_vehicleshop, esx_advancedvehicleshop and esx_advancedgarage (All versions)
But you can adapt to any garage and vehicleshop script easy.

It is compatible with Esx all versions and ExM.

You can see the script in action Here

You can buy the script here

NOTE: Now you recieve a link on your e-mail to download the script after the purchase. Don’t need to join my discord to give you the script.

Inside script folder you have a HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt but if you nedd help, i can help you or modify your vehicleshop and parking script if you don’t know how to install it :wink:

UPDATE 24/01: Added a job bypass option to let certain job, run any vehicle without key.

UPDATE 26/01: Added a vehicle model bypass option to let certain Models run with no key (You can use this, for example, for driving autoschool vehicles) and
added a key press system to open the menu.

UPDATE 27/01:

  • Added an AllowGroupAdminBypass option to let superadmin run vehicles with no key

  • Added webhook Log option.

  • Added Give key ownership option.

  • Now you can trigger “TriggerServerEvent(‘RufiCarkey:RegisterPlate’, plate, vehicleModel)” on your park quit event of your garage. With that, it can Auto-register a key for vehicles owned before you install my script.

UPDATE 28/01:

  • Added a lockpick and hotwiring system with car_lockpick item. You need to add this item on
    items table, or change the item on server.lua.

  • Added option to park or park quit vehicles that you have a key copy but you are not the owner. (Need esx_advancedgarage (All versions) or adapt your garage script)

    • You can see this updates on the new youtube video: here

UPDATE 17/02:

  • Added option to only give,remove or give ownership to nearest players.
    You can config individually on config.lua with this vars:

    GiveToNearestPlayersOnly = true — On give key menu, show only nearest players.
    RemoveToNearestPlayersOnly = true — On Remove key menu show only nearest players.
    GiveOwnershipToNearestPlayersOnly = true — On give key ownership menu show only nearest players.

  • Added command ‘getkeys’ to manually reload your keys.

UPDATE 24/02

  • Now You can trigger this event to delete from DB registered key:
    TriggerServerEvent(‘RufiCarkey:DeletePlate’, plate)
    You can use it when you sell the car to the vehicleshop for example.

  • Now you can trigger this event: TriggerEvent(‘RufiCarkey:TempKey’, plate) from client side, with it you can get a temporal key that works like regular key but it get deleted when client disconnect.
    You can use it for example for rental cars.
    You can trigger from inside vehicle with no ‘plate’ value “TriggerEvent(‘RufiCarkey:TempKey’)” and it get a plate value from the vehicle where the player is in.

  • Added npc vehicles update option. If TRUE, when you steal a car with npc inside, it will give you the
    temporal key.

  • New way to retrieve key from db because some customer say to me that it shows others keys

  • Vehicle key bypass by plate, This can be used for rent vehicles too or job vehicles.

  • Give full control for bypassed vehicles like lock and unlock doors, and not only run engine.

  • Added a key prop when you open/close the vehicle

  • Added a config file.

UPDATE 31/03

  • Added Config.GiveKeyAndVehicleOwnership option If TRUE vehicle ownership will be given too when use the give key ownership option.

UPDATE 15/04

  • Added ‘Config.RobNPCVehicles’ if FALSE the playes cannot rob NPC occupied vehicle.

  • Added ‘Config.BypassedJobVehicles’ to bypass specific vehicles for specific jobs.

  • Added ‘/registerkey’ command. Trigger the command from inside your owned vehicle and it gives you the original key of the vehicle.

  • Improved vehicle detection, now you can lock/unlock 100% vehicles including helicopters too.

  • Added ‘Config.AllowLockFromInside’ If TRUE players can lock/unlock vehicles from inside.

UPDATE 18/04

  • Added option to remove the key from yourself, you can remove key copy also.

  • Fixed engine not start properly in planes.

UPDATE 20/04

  • Added a rename key option.

You can download new update on the same link you get on purchase or in my discord (Link on tebex store)

I can help you or modify your vehicleshop and parking script if you don’t know how to install it :wink:


Hey, bought the script but didn’t get a link. How do I get that?

is there any servers that still use Essentialmode?! holy

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I noticed that too, they all use some youtube tutorial all-in one packs with files from 2 years ago :slight_smile:

Thanks for purchase it. To download the script, open ticket on my DC you have the link on my tebex store: here

UPDATE: Added a job bypass option to let certain job, run any vehicle without key.

Lol what? Isn’t like 95% of RP servers ESX


It’s still used (see poll: [RELEASE][ESX] Inventory inspired by Trsak - Releases - Cfx.re Community )

Probably due to the compatibility issues that 1.2 introduced (it’s not really hard to adapt to it) and the ditching of core FiveM resources still being a thing.

There’s really no reason to even use 1.2 if you’re content with 1.1 tbh. There’s not anything major, in my opinion, that would warrant someone going from 1.1 weight (pre json encoded inventory) to 1.2 (final v1).

2.0 is the real catch though once it’s finished :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice price, nice communication with help on discord. Nice script with engine only if you have key :wink: An update for exclude job ! (very cool update for police and more)

A possible update in the futur for lockpick? :slight_smile:

I recommand !

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Thank you! On close future, i will add a lockpick option with hability minigame.

I have some ideas to improve the script :

  • Add a KeyBind to open the menu
  • Add an option to let players lend their keys ( duplicate them ) to allow their mates to drive it and lock it, add a menu where you can manage who has the keys, and allow the owner to remove the keys to someone who got a duplicate.
  • Add logs with a webhook to see when a player gives keys or lends them.
  • Add an alarm system which can be installed at the mechanic shop. When a car is lockpicked the police is alerted, and you got a message on your phone with the car’s position
  • Allow locked vehicles to be stealed with a minigame.

If these options are added it will be a really nice script and I think i will buy it.

Hi @TryadeRP.

Did you see the video? esx_RufiCarKey. Key system for fivem. - YouTube

Now you can lend your keys to others.

you can remove from they the key that you lend.

I’m working on a Lockpick integration with a minigame.

Install alarm system its a good idea and i can do it.

I can do a webhook log and i will do for sure.


No problem, if you need ideas, tell me my brain is ready.

But on the menu, you can lend them but not giving to another player if he bought your car right

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Can the other person use the key he received to pull the car out of the garage or can only the owner still do that?

do the keys stay with the other even after the restart?


Yo can do that easily the script is no encrypted. I can help you if you don’t know how :wink:

Yes, the keys are saved on the database so its permanent

True, you can do that now modifying my script. I will add that on the future.

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So when this gets updated. How do I get the new stuff. A new email?

Hi @KeN1, you can join to my DC to get the update Or just stay tuned to this thread and send me a private message.

New updates and new video! Fivem Esx_RufiCarkey v2 - YouTube

Does this work with airplanes and helicopters as well?