[Standalone] [Esx] [Vrp] Rufi_AnimalPunishment Punish bad players in a funny way

With Rufi_AnimalPunishment you can punish bad players in a funny way.

Punished player, can be setted like random animal (You can modify it in Config.animal list) and act like it.

Punish time is saved on db and on player spawn it check if player is punished or not.

Script is standalone, but you can select your framework with ESX and VRP preconfig options.
You can modify what you want is not encripted or ip locked.

To check if is admin, it use AcePerms and Steam id list. (You can use one system or both)

It have a config file where you can config options and animals:

You can see the script in action on THIS VIDEO
(By a mistake, it not record the script optimization on resmon. It is full optimiced, 0.01 on no punished player and 0.03 on punished.)

You can buy it on my TEBEX STORE

If you need any help, join to my DC (Link on tebex store)


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