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SickTrapHouses helps gang members move drugs while they are stored in the Trap Houses. Each gang comes with tons of Config options that you can change to fit more of your servers! Ranging from custom gang names to ranks for certain things. The Config has a ton and allows for you to change a TON of the script from a SINGLE file! This brings more rivalry between gangs as knowing the enemy has something I can get makes it that much more fun!

Easily Add more gangs in the Config. Rank is for WHO can access the TrapHouses! If you don’t have a rank over the Configed one then you won’t be able to see the option to change the KeyCode! Prevents lower ranks from messing with higher ranks or causing unwanted issues between rival gangs!

Config.GangZones = {
    ['ballas_1'] = {
        gangJob = 'police',
        Gang = 'ballas_1', 
        coords = vector3(125.2268, -1956.6752, 20.7349),
        radius = 1,
        icon = 'fa-solid fa-pill',
        label = 'Ballas Trap House',
        slots = 5,
        maxWeight = 24000,
    ['vagos_1'] = {
        gangJob = 'vagos',
        Gang = 'vagos_1',
        coords = vec3(348.7650, -2022.1239, 22.3949),
        radius = 1,
        icon = 'fa-solid fa-pill',
        label = 'Vagos Trap House',
        slots = 5,
        maxWeight = 1000,

Key Codes

Each Trap house has a unique KeyCode that comes preset but in game your members can change the KeyCode for security! This is a level of security that also helps lock cops out of the traps. These keyCodes are the keys to your stashes that generate an income for you, be careful.

Config.TimerToSell = 30 -- mins {equation = ( TimerToSell * 60000)}

These codes can be stolen and if the rival gang finds your trap houses they can change your KeyCode and lock you out of your own Traps. This will help lead gangs to interact and be more protective of their home turfs. The Codes are hidden behind a block to help prevent stream snipers from sneaking your codes!


KeyCodes can be changed if you know the old code! If you need to change to security reasons or if you are a rival gang trying to screw your enemies over?

image (3)


Config.DrugItems = {
    [1] = {
        name = 'skunk1gram', 
        amount = 1,
        moneyName = 'black_money', 
        moneyAmount = math.random(100,300) 
    [2] = {
        name = 'northernlightsgram', 
        amount = 1,
        moneyName = 'black_money', 
        moneyAmount = 100

Drugs held in the traphouses are sold on timer that you can easily change to your liking! All items are configed with custom amounts and cash amounts. Each item has a configed account allowing you to add any type of currency to the items, mainly cash/black_money!

[All client side code is open, only server side is locked using the FiveM Escrow services]

Purchase Here:
[TEBEX] $5


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~ Add money wash – basically implemented
~ Add Gang territory rep – support for tiger and av gangs
~ IDK what else but want to do more!
~ Add police menu so they can open it differently! – still to come but soon!!!

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~600
Requirements ESX, OX_Inventory, OX_Target, OX_Libs
Support Yes

Another awesome release, nice work Jugg!!


Thank you for your kind words!! they mean a TON to me!

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Yo this is sick no pun intended !

love the pun hahaha thanks dude!!! you all are amazing!!!

Added a QBCore Version on tebex. info on docs as well!


New event to link to dirty cops and allow you to get key codes

This only matters if you use both script. if not no need to worry about it

Next will be adding a config to either lock them behind gangs only or to allow anyone with the key code to open it!


~ New Config options
~ Fixed player job is nil on load up
~ Fixed issue with having to restart script
~ Added T1ger Gangs support (Check Config)
~ Added Config option to open trap houses to anyone with the code or to lock this behind only gangs!

Update is on Keymaster!

Thinking on this… It’s also a money laundry script… in the sense you can put black_money and reward clean money at a certain rate and over time. This can add to the use of the traphouses!!!

Does this script now work with qb-inventory instead of ox-inventory?

not currently… i dont use QB so its hard for me to test and really to understand the code as im just not familiar with it… am looking for someone with some info to help me tho!


1. Now works fully with T1ger gangs meaning you can use the gang name and rank from that instead of normal ESX jobs!
2. Added option that no longer requires you to add the trap houses and codes to the DB!

image (1)

image (2)

Second image was only for testing it will not print this on start it prints nothing besides version check!

It is advised to make sure to over look the Config for new options in there! Also advised to delete your existing keycodes and restart the script/server after configing the needed info!

update is on your Keymaster!

Still the best trap house script i can find !!!

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fixed store and docs link

How do I get this script I cannot go to tebex website

New domains lol but I updated links sorry bout that!! Forgot a few spots for sure