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CayoTwoIslands :desert_island:

Designed for RP and exploration in mind, CayoTwoIslands does everything Cayo Perico Improvements does, except one important and highly requested feature; no more concealment.

CayoTwoIslands enhances the island of Cayo Perico by removing obstructing collisions, adds more vegetation, street lights, heist props and socializing opportunities.

This resource is for FiveM usage with the understanding that you will not modify, sell or reupload elsewhere without my permission.

It is to work alongside [pmms] for playing content on the party TV screens, as well as [fivem-scenarios] for interacting with scenarios around the world, (like seats and scenarios) including Cayo Perico.

This is a passion project of mine that began in December of 2020 to self teach myself Codewalker and has been updated and developed since.

Screenshots are provided in their respective folder.

I hope you enjoy :blush:


By default, PMMS is set to admin only
access, you can change this in the
permissions.cfg provided with it, if you
would prefer all players can access it.

you will need to read pmms installation
instructions on the GitHub repository, and if you
can’t figure it out, open an issue.

I’m not here to hold your hand.

If you want the TV at the beach party to fade out nicely at a certain point, try these settings, then go to advanced settings and save it as an entity, call it Cayo Perico Beach TV:

Volume: 100

sameRoom: 2.4

diffRoom: 6.0

Range: 40

In the future, any TV settings you want, save it as an entity. Saving it as model will save those settings for that TV, everywhere around the map.

CONTENTS :desert_island:

  • Spawns Cayo Perico alongside Los Santos!

  • Working lighthouse

  • Heist props - Can be changed in the entitysets.lua file within the scripts folder

  • Removed snow falling from North Yankton :cloud_with_snow:

  • Runway lights and a helipad

  • Street lights around the main roads of the island

  • Mansion Pool improvement and solid sun loungers, beach ball, floatie, tables and chairs

  • Mansion entrance gate doors removed for access

  • Side doors of mansion compound opened and lift doors removed for your teleporter script convenience

  • Animal cage doors opened - I will not be providing doorlock support #cringe

  • Illuminated Boat Shed near party area and beached whale

  • Illuminated skull near grave, opposite party area

  • Illuminated beach party area with buoys, DJ stand lights, bar lights and TVs

  • Deleted and opened underwater gate below El Rubio’s mansion

  • Deleted all sea mines – Want them back? Delete h4_islandx_sea_mines from the ymap folder.

  • Removed invisible collisions

  • Removed invisible collision at Beach DJ Booth

  • Junk cleanup

  • Opened hangar doors

  • Sunken UFO & Loch Ness Monster

  • Crashed plane

  • Runway clearance lights

  • Food stall, shop and Ice Cream parlor

  • Vehicles

  • NPC Peds – can be removed or commented out in peds_config.lua

BUGS :bug:

Los Santos and Cayo Perico will ONLY both show up on the minimap / pause map, if the player is on or near Cayo Perico. This is due to how GTA 5 handles it. Cayo Perico’s minimap is handled the same way as interiors, therefore if code is added to force both minimaps to appear, when a player enters a different location such as Vanilla Unicorn for example, the minimap will not change or show that they are inside an interior.

I have added map blips if you wish to fly a plane or drive a boat there.

Stop spamming about it as I have already made this apparent. For those who have actually read this part, feel free to quote it and reply to those with 2 brains cells. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

VEHICLES & GATES :oncoming_automobile:

Vehicles - Removed, and Vehicles - No Flight Or Water provided. If you ever want the vehicles back, copy the backup files from Vehicles Backup.

If for whatever reason you would like to add the original gates back, but have them be accessible and not solid shut, as well as the little button seen in the Cayo Perico Heist in Grand Theft Auto: Online, I have provided the folder Gates. Place tays_mansiongates inside the ymaps folder of CayoTwoIslands


Original Hangar Collision folder provided. If you happen to have the ‘"Cayo Perico Shops MLO’ resource, as well as mine, the server refuses to read the collision file for shops, but instead, read mine, making the shop collisions not work.

Just copy and paste mine, or the Cayo Perico Shops collision file (h4_islandairstrip_12) into the ybn folder.

Frameworks & Other Cayo Perico Resources / Scripts Support:

I don’t use any fancy frameworks or any other Cayo Perico related resources, so you’ll have to troubleshoot it on your own. These are simply ymaps and IPLs, therefore you may need to update the fxmanifest version to something newer, and then it should be good to go.

Check any collision (ybn) files of your maps if you face any conflictions.


  • Download repository and put the CayoTwoIslands folder in your server files

  • Add h4_islandairstrip_12 from the Original Hangar Collison folder, and insert it into CayoTwoIslands > stream > ybn folder. If you are using the Cayo Perico Shops resource, ignore this step

  • Choose between No Flight Or Water Vehicles or No Vehicles, and insert the files into the CayoImprovements > stream > ymap folder, replacing the existing files. If you enjoy the vehicles spawning on the island, ignore this step. If at any time you need the vehicles back, grab the files from Vehicles BACKUP and place them into the CayoImprovements > stream > ymap folder.

  • add start CayoTwoIslands to your server.cfg

  • Restart server or type /start CayoTwoIslands into the chat window


This project does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours.

  • You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it.

  • You are not allowed to change/add a license. If you want to modify or make an agreement, you can contact me.

Pull requests are accepted as long as they do not contain breaking changes.

You can read more here HERE


Check out these other Cayo Perico related resources to improve your server experience even more!


Download from my github

Concealment version:



Looking very cool! A small video preview would be wonderful, but overall nice job and desc and etc! :+1: :+1:

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Probably a bad choice of name but no, it doesn’t make it so there’s two Cayo Pericos, it makes it so both San Andreas and Cayo Perico are visible without using a hopper or concealing the islands

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the mansion gates is all im after in this, would recommend releasing just that as a separate branch though as a ton of people have issues with the main gates as well

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A video preview isn’t exactly needed

People need to learn to start doing things for themselves. It’s literally a 5 minute job in codewalker.

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Once again! Great work bro! Love it! A drive in movie theater on the island or somewhere to work with pmms would be sick.


The beach party has the TV screens. I’m not turning the Island into a drive in cinema, it’s an island, you fly planes / drive boats to it :laughing:

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I suppose, but you’ve already done it. Just a suggestion. Additionally that is 8 metric tons of trees :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice work!

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Hello, the hangar is empty at home, I have to remove all mapping still the same problem?

I beg your pardon? I’ve done more than just add “8 metric tons of trees”; I’ve made the island accessible and explorable, removed snow falling from North Yankton and stupid invisible collisions, plus a lot of under the hood work with coding.

There are other Cayo Perico resources available, but I don’t see them doing half the stuff I’ve done and if they are, they’ve simply downloaded my work or gone to my GitHub, looked at the code and said "Ah, that’s how you remove the invisible walls" and “Ah, so that’s how you remove the snow”.

I find your comment slightly belittling, considering all the work I’ve done, especially when you consider:

And if you could “do it better and in half the time lol”, by all means, do that.

Otherwise, respectfully, keep your opinions to yourself.

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I do not know, I do not have this problem.

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i dont understand what im doing wrong i did the steps i only get trees and props the land is not there.

Your server needs to be on 2189 or higher:


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