[Release] Scammer's Script Collection (09/03/17)

Since I think I’ll release quite some scripts, I thought I’ll release them in 1 thread.

Never Wanted
Disables wanted level for everyone.
Already released here.

Vehicle Cleanup
Automatically cleans up leftover cars.
Already released here.

IP Whitelist v2
A whitelist that accepts IPs.
Apparently this was broken, but nobody reported it. The new version should work now.

IP Blacklist v2
Opposite of the IP whitelist, blocks the specified IPs.
The fix from above should also fix this.

No drive-bys v2
Disables shooting or showing the finger from a vehicle.
v2: Added the ability to allow passengers to drive-by (enabled by default, configurable)

Rappel from Maverick and Police/Ambulance Heli
Allows you to rappel from a Maverick helicopter via /rappel.

Teleport Request
Asks a player nicely before teleporting to them.
/tpa [Player Id] - Request a teleport to the player
/tpaccept - Accept teleport
/tpdeny - Deny teleport

Lock car doors
Allows you to lock the car doors of the current vehicle or the last one you sat in.
/lock - Toggles car door lock

Street Name Display v2
Displays the street name the player is currently on and the direction of the player over the minimap. Also you can disable this by switching showCompass from true to false.
Thanks to @Marxy for providing help.
V2: added direction text

Time Sync v1.1
Syncs the time correctly for everyone. Also it’s configurable how long a second in-game should be.
v1.1: Moved more logic to the client-side, less burden on the server.

Player Blips and Above Head Display
This displays player blips in the map and names above the players similiar to how GTA:Online does it. Also you can extend the minimap with y/z (depending on your keyboard configuration). Great for servers that don’t have scripthook enabled.
Many thanks to @Mikeeh and @COndor for helping and testing.
Note: This is kinda a pre-release, as there’s still some stuff missing that could be added. I just released this as it’s kinda in a usuable state.
Also some stuff could conflict with other mods like Enhanced Reborn, thus I recommend you to use this with no mods enabled.

PvP Enable
Enables PvP on servers with scripthook disabled.

Vehicle Controls
A GUI for controlling some stuff of your car.
Released here.

Simple Watermark
Adds a static watermark for all users.
Released here.

Enhanced Siren Controls
Allows you to better control your siren.
Released here.

No Godmode
Allows you to disable godmode for all players, even if they have it activated in a trainer.

Model Blacklist
Allows you to blacklist player models, vehicles and weapons.
Released here.

Internet Radio / Audio File Player
Allows you to play audio files or radio streams in-game
Released here.

Simple Speedometer
A simple speedometer?
Released here.

AFK and High Ping Kick
Kicks players that are afk or have a high ping.
Released here.

Carmageddon Mod
This is a clone of the carmageddon mod.
Released here.

Custom Death Sound
Allows you to play a custom sound for players that died.
Released here.

You are free to use my scripts for whatever you want. If you re-upload it though, please make sure to credit me.

Also make sure to check the thread daily for new scripts and updates.


Keep up the good work!


Nice done.Thank you so much

Couldn’t get the “no drive-by” script to work… anyone else have any luck or no how to get it to work?

Can you post me what your console and the F8 console in-game says?


The no drive-by script doesn’t work for me

It’s Currently a closed script which is not released for public use.

Added Teleport Request and Car door lock script.


Added Street name display


It’s made by HSD. Only used in making YouTube Videos currently.

However, If released you will be notified via this thread.

Awesome work!

Could you make Playerblips resource, so we would be able to see each other in the map without needing have a trainer to get the blips enabled.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mr.Scammer! Just thought I’d post a modified version of your IPlists that, in my opinion, make it a little better :slight_smile:
rar link

My changes
Simply combines both whitelist and blacklist, allowing you to toggle between them. Then adds a print function because I like knowing what IP players join from when I use a whitelist…

--TOGGLE WHICH LIST YOU WANT! <whitelist/blacklist>
--BLACKLIST[EXPERIMENTAL]             <0/1>
mode = 0
Add IPs in the whitelist/blacklist

local whitelist/blacklist = {
local whitelist = {

local blacklist = {

-- The code, don't touch anything here --

AddEventHandler("rlPlayerActivated", function()
    playerIP = stringSplit(GetPlayerEP(source), ":")[1]
    if mode == 0 then
        for _, ip in pairs(whitelist) do
            if playerIP == ip then
                print("joining with IP:"..playerIP..".")
        DropPlayer(source, "You aren't whitelisted. Your IP is " .. playerIP .. ".")
        for _, ip in pairs(blacklist) do
            if playerIP == ip then
                DropPlayer(source, "You are blacklisted from this server.")

function stringSplit(self, delimiter)
  local a = self:Split(delimiter)
  local t = {}

  for i = 0, #a - 1 do
     table.insert(t, a[i])

  return t

police (ambulance) maverick (polmav) - also works. Frogger - works, but without animation of rope (crashing sometimes).

Yeah I know that it works with the polmav, but I couldn’t the model hash of it. The ones I found didn’t work.

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you can use this script (in thread):
it also add the searchlight for helicopter, if you are in Driver seat…

if IsPedSittingInAnyVehicle(GetPlayerPed(-1)) then
	if IsPedInAnyHeli(GetPlayerPed(-1)) then
		if IsControlJustPressed(1, 51) then -- E
			local heli = GetVehiclePedIsIn(GetPlayerPed(-1), false)
			if IsVehicleModel(heli, GetHashKey("maverick",_r)) or IsVehicleModel(heli, GetHashKey("polmav",_r)) then
				if GetPedInVehicleSeat(heli, -1) ~= GetPlayerPed(-1) and GetPedInVehicleSeat(heli, 0) ~= GetPlayerPed(-1) then
					TaskRappelFromHeli(GetPlayerPed(-1), 0)
					if IsVehicleSearchlightOn(heli) then
						SetVehicleSearchlight(heli, false, false)
						PlaySound(-1, "QUIT", "HUD_FRONTEND_DEFAULT_SOUNDSET", 0, 0, 1)
						SetVehicleSearchlight(heli, true, true)
						PlaySound(-1, "TOGGLE_ON", "HUD_FRONTEND_DEFAULT_SOUNDSET", 0, 0, 1)
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it is tested and i use it on my server.
By the way, polmav used for both cop and ambulance helis. You can change heli model skin with special native.

@MarkViolla @Mr.Scammer we should make a script for the heli camera that’d be nice :wink:

good idea! I can start work on it

@Mr.Scammer What would be beautiful is a cuff script :heart_eyes:

Also if not a huge pain then an arrest or jail command would be cool too. Like /arrest and then it teleports that person to the prison or cells?

Nice scripts though really enjoying most of them! :slight_smile: