[Release] Custom Death Sound

This allows you to play a custom sound to players once they die. Replace the sound.ogg in the folder with your own sound (has to be named exactly like that too). Also you can change the volume in the configuration.


To get this script working again after ~mid-2017, replace not GetEntityHealth(playerPed) in client.lua with GetEntityHealth(playerPed) <= 0.


How to make the sound delay? Because I have like Wasted Screen from GTA:Online. And the sound in it I did not put as not working.

Add Wait(amount of time in milliseconds) between
if not GetEntityHealth(playerPed) and not alreadyDied then
SendNUIMessage({ playdeathsound = true, deathvolume = volume })

Oops, sorry, thanks for the help!)

Script stopped working after the updates multiplayer.


Yeah my death sound doesn’t play anymore.


pls update the script so it works again cus it is not playing any sounds !!!

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no fix for this?

Hey when you die there is no sound, pls Help

Have you already tried to rebuild the script by making it dependent on InteractSounds?

where do i need to replace the sound.ogg?