[Release] Add-on Cars/Peds (Ems/Chp/Sheriff/RDE style cars) FInal 10.29.2017

10.29.17 got bored seen another pack on gta5mods this one is the Fast & Furious car pack enjoy all credits go to n-speak for vehicles

10.28.17 bug fix

handling.meta (993.7 KB)

10.28 should fix crashes with the civ cars let me know this handling is the GTA IV style one so if u don’t like how the car handles change it

UPDATE 6.26.17

changed out the handling due to the crazy driving haha , this one is more like vanilla just a little different realistic driving feeling also it includes most of the DLC vehicle handlings from the game the deformation has been raised to make the crashes a bit more real no need to re-download the whole pack just drag and drop the handling.meta where you have the one from the pack in the addonpack/data folder

all addon handling is at the end of the file they are separated by a green line

credits for the handling goes to Dermillhouse

UPDATE 6.1.17

redone folder structure and added the rest of the RDE vehicles FBI SHERIFF AND EMS are now almost all there only 3 replacements now here ambulance firetruk and lifeguard that were from RDE metas are included took out HSG addons due to complications due to the release of the cars itself those were private so i apologize for that but have fun with these cars these RDE vehicles ARE NON ELS and have regular lights and sirens etc


added 50 CIV cars some have tuns some don’t added cargo ships which the textures need work and of course more police cars etc VCF files are included for all the cars and spawn names correspond to the model names in the stream/vehicles folder all models are the same as the spawn name , added graphics enhancements trees water California buildings etc all in the stream folder same with some peds, working on fixing the addon peds atm so i added some simple replacement peds for now , GTA IV style handling added to all cars

now included the 2017 CHP MEGA PACK BY THE HURK
hwaycar8-23 added on top of the original ones, the ELS VCF’s are now in the rar also
policeinsurgent now added
so no more downloading them separately, Enjoy I will add more as I go or if people decide to maybe suggest some vehicles they would like to see maybe i can do them for you :wink:

First of all i would like to thank @oganesson for supporting the IV pack for us which i used as a basic example to make this here. Credits also go to the makers of the REALISTIN ENHANCED DISPATCH mod and all the people who helped create these models/cars.

##Long Live FiveM development <3


###be AWARE THIS PACK INCLUDES FEW ELS CARS to have those working you need to have ELS asi client sided and the VCF files for light client sided,the siren will not work on these for some reason unless u have the client side els script that syncs the sirens between the clients in MP if its SP it works fine Luxart Siren Control ( ALL PLAYERS NEED THE VCF’s AND CLIENT SIDE ELS INSTALLED AND THEY WILL SEE THE LIGHTS ALL THAT )

if you’re trying to add more cars or change the existing ones out just make sure you know what you’re doing, you can edit existing ones and replace them with new ones and edit meta section for that specific vehicle id,or just add a new set of the meta into the the correct files,and name the vehicle to what you want make sure to change the carname the model itself and then the specific spots in those metas for interior carvar vehmeta and carcols.meta

As usual simple drag drop to resources add the addonpack to yml for the auto start and restart server with a fresh cache, if you’re trying to add more cars or change the existing ones out just make sure you know what you’re doing, you can edit existing ones and replace them with new ones and edit metas or just add the rest of the metas into the the correct files and stream the proper car etc, P.S you pretty much need to have basic common sense of replacing cars.


Preview of all the cars sorry its a very long video had to look back and forth for spawn names and tab in/out

VIRUS SCAN 3/4/17-there is no online file scanner large enough for this unfortunately but i will upload the scan picture of Kaspersky’s anti virus scan of the file


this pack uses RDE vehicles and PEDS as addons

now included the 2017 CHP MEGA PACK BY THE HURK

50 civ cars


FnF cars


Removed the capitals from subject.
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Error 404… can’t download I:

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yea my drive went down i need to get the file again and re upload it soon or make a different pack, @Kimiko
the pack has been changed to different vehicles you can add these to the previous pack just have to merge everything

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Did you have links to the ELS vehicles? On LSPDFR or anywhere else so I can properly get the VCF files for them to use them ELS wise?


@zachhouseknecht updated in the thread

FYI if anyone still has the old pack the k0rn one i can most likely merge it into this one and make a bigger pack and keep adding more into it but i lost the file ;( if anybody would like to upload it and put it up i can merge them


3.4.17 if anybody is interesting in contributing to this big back we can start here


303 police ems sheriff emergency response vehicles you can dream about :wink:

good to go link is up and working


Where do I put the ELS VCF files at. I put them in my clients plugins folder and it didn’t work, I put them In the script folder inside the plugins folder, and it still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

well you need to have ELS client side installed in default gta dir i believe and asi in the fiveR plugins and the VCF goes into the folder that the ELS provides

everything is working very good except addons Peds. i can’t spawn them by name, it said Could not find player model ‘s_f_y_sheriff_02’ or any name i would try.
i try to spawn them from: Player / player skin / spawn by name in LambdaMenu

Same here, it was working about 4 to 5 days ago and now it isnt working at all.

hmm not sure maybe the latest update did something ? they work fine for me

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Thanks for this Brutha, Works Great! Stay Lifted! " I’ma have myself a Bowl just because :P"

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You should look at ELS for FiveM

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How exactly do you “client side ELS” I can get five reborn to launch with ELS.asi

Still no fixed for add-on peds? :confused:What version of server/client you use?
I try with a new server install, only with your addon pack in, tested also with a new client and still don’t work. :confused:
You spawn them with Lambda Menu? or any other way?

lambda menu but i haven’t tested it lately an update could have broken something dunno imma have to look into it

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i would like a car out of this pack

Do you know why from addon number 1024 and after, the add-ons cars don’t have tuning parts working? Is there a way to fix it?

@Androsa102 just replace it with another model, and change its name into meta files :wink:

Addon peds are broken for me too, tried multiple trainers on latest server and still nothing.