[DIY] How to edit EUP for FiveM (Emergency Uniform Pack)

Re-Texturing your EUP for FiveM

Hi everyone, today I bring to you a very simple way to re-texture your EUP for FiveM. I noticed someone already posted this now but I wanted to finish mine off as i’ve been working on it for a while now.

First the requirements you will need to start editing.

(EUP spread sheet with model names will be create soon)
Now let’s begin.

  1. Open OpenIV where ever you downloaded it from.
  2. Create a mods folder if you haven’t already.
  3. Go into your mods folder and organise your work to how to see fit.
  4. Now, find the EUP you downloaded and drag and drop it into the mods folder of OpenIV.
  5. (this is when you’d use the ‘EUP Spreadsheet’ I’ll make). Open the texture dictionary (Look for .ytd ) and double click it to open it. Now you should see the texture you with to edit.
  6. Open an image editor you chose and begin changing colours, etc…
  7. Once your satisfied with your edit, go back your OpenIV and click Edit Mode (Located top bar).
  8. Still on OpenIV, open the texture your editing and select replace 43%20pm
  9. Locate the image you edited, click open.
  10. Hit save and your done. Now you will need the model as well then drag and drop both of them into the stream folder of the EUP for FiveM (Server Sided) .
    Restart your server and clear cache if you want to and see how it goes. Also I hope you didn’t forget to add EUP for FiveM (Server Sided) to your server.cfg

(Still editing) Thanks for reading as this is my first post, let me know if you have any issues.


moved for ya. seems cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good stuff.

any update on the spreadsheet??


Is the spreadsheet done yet?

Or maybe now?

Still no spreadsheet I see

Spreadsheet in?

bruh what

Got the spreadsheet yet?

Hey guys,
Sorry for the late reply but I haven’t had the chance to create the spreadsheet yet.
And won’t be able for a few more months due to my own reasons.
Hope you understand!
Thanks Aussie.

Do you have the spread sheet and the video yet?

Thanks this will help me out

how do i edit the menu

works, kinda… the texture replaced the original terxture