[PAID] [QBCORE] m-Hunting - Many Features - Level System - Eating - Tents

Video: ​Click Here​​​

Config: ​Click Here​​​

Buy: Click Here

# Information

  • 9 Drops
  • 3 Cooking items with bónus (Stamina/Amour/Stress/All)
  • Level System on knife
  • Level System on tent
  • Tent’s with differente weight and slots

# About

  • Optimized

  • Enable / Disable zones to hunt

  • Random Loot

  • 3 diffrent skillbars to choose from

  • Utilizes qb-target, qb-menu

# Level System

  • There are 5 knife available, from level 1 to level 5, when they start working, they receive a level 1 knife but, after hunting some animals, they can evolve to the level 2 knife that will give more items.

# Knifes


# Dependencies

  • All dependencies are included in the package.

  • Utilizes the FiveM Tebex Escrow system.

  • MLO: ​Click Here​​​

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can you make an esx version ?

The IllegalBait also isn’t setup - There isn’t an item for it, and its linked to couromax so I assume the Illegal Bait just isn’t setup as I don’t see why the Illegal Bait would be Maximum Quality Meat…

Hello, there is no illegal bait as there are no legal/illegal animals. Hunting itself has a chance to call the police to hunt the animals as well as to cook the meats.

I am not sure where the Discord is, so I will note this here:

Within the Resource, the Tent Setup is all linked via “couromax” instead of the Proper Hunting Items, and same with the Knives. The Names are also the same as the Couromax Name, over being their Proper Names.

– Craft

Config.ItemIlgalBait = “couromax”

Config.AmoutItemIlgalBait = 25

Config.ItemIlgalBaitLabel = “High Quality Leather”

What would this be for than?

The “Shooting Range” Blip also can’t be edited, which is a bit aggravating. If you could please push an Update fixing the Blip, and High Quality Meet Sells - That’d be amazing!

Another note, explaining the Crafting would be pleasing, as there is a Crafting Config with no explanation or video scenario of it… I don’t have the ability of editing the Resource and its aggravating having errors in something a Community is using.

ESX Version?