[PAID] [ESX] m-Fishing - Many Features - Level System - Eating Fish

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# Features

  • 12 Legal fish
  • 5 Ilegal fish
  • Level System on fishingrod
  • Level System on net fish
  • Teasure Chests
  • Fishing with automatic fishing nets
  • Campfire
  • Police Alerts
  • Cooking fish
  • Bonus for eating fish
  • And more!

# About

  • Optimized
  • Fish anywhere
  • 0.00ms
  • If you use legal bait then only legal fish will come out and you will not call the police. If they use an illegal bait then illegal fish will come out and you can call the police.

# Bonus For Eating

  • Stamina
  • Relieve Stress
  • Armour
  • Or all

# Level System

  • There are 5 fishingrod available, from level 1 to level 5, when they start working, they receive a level 1 fishingrod but, after fishing some fishs, they can evolve to the level 2 fishingrod that will give more items.

# Dependencies

:exclamation: Information

Requirements: qtarget & mythic_progbar
Code is accessible: No, only config
Subscription-based: No.
Lines: ~700
Support: Yes

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Please include the paid releases template

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Done. I forgot :slight_smile:

You have an anchor system built into the script? If so will is work with any boat, not just when fishing?

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You need the item anchor to use that functions. Works on any boat

Does this work with Quasar Inventory (QS)?

Also, can you fish in the rivers/streams as well or only the ocean?

Hi, works yes!

You can fish on all the map, but you need near the water