[PAID] [QBCORE] - m-Jewelry - New Heist - Different - Warehouse Inside

  • A jewelery heist script, but with teleporting to an interior to go steal a safe, I added that option to be different from the usual ones. The loot, difficulties etc can all be changed by you.

  • Optimized
  • Many Features
  • Full and easy customization
  • 0.00ms
  • Enable/disable mask recognition. (In this case you only use the BM if you have a mask)
  • Enable/disable the police count and how many is needed online.
  • Enable/disable calling the police after starting the jewelry heist.
  • Enable/disable fingerprints.
  • Multiple zones configurable.
  • 20 Showcases to steal + vault on interior.
  • Anti exploit items/money.


Code is accessible No (Only config’s)
Subscription-based Yes if you want
Lines (approximately) ~350
Requirements mhacking / memorygame
Support Yes

:exclamation: Also from me

Tap Here

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