[PAID] [QBCORE] - m-StoreRobbery - Level System - MiniGames - More!

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:exclamation: Features

  • Optimized
  • Many Features
  • Full and easy customization
  • 0.00ms
  • Compatible with qs-smartphone, gksphone, qb-phone.
  • Possible to activate the quest only if the player has a mask.
  • Possible to activate required police or not.
  • Possible to change steal times.
  • Possible to change the chance to call police.
  • Possible to enable or disable rare drops.
  • Possible cash drop or dirty money.
  • Level system all configured by you.
  • 5 Levels available that evolve depending on the robberies carried out.
  • Possible check your level at the starting NPC.
  • Possibility to use a mask as an item.
  • 6 Pre-configured stores.
  • 6 Pre-configured safes.
  • Compatible with qb-skillbar or qb-lock.
  • The difficulty of qb-lock or qb-skillbar can be changed.
  • Webhooks with logs of player earnings.

:exclamation: About

  • A simple convenience store robbery script, where you’ll have to go through some mini-games in order to win prizes. Also depending on the robberies they receive reputation and the higher the reputation the more profit they will have.

:exclamation: Level System

  • The level system evolves with each assault you make.

:exclamation: Dependencies

  • Utilizes the FiveM Tebex Escrow system.

:exclamation: Information

Requirements: qb-lock or qb-skillbar & memorygame
Code is accessible: No, only config
Subscription-based: No.
Lines: ~400
Support: Yes

:exclamation: Also From Me

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