[PAID] [QBCORE] - m-Trucker - Many Features - Level System - More!

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:exclamation: Features

  • Deliveries: Small, Medium and Large.
  • Level system depending on deliveries.
  • The higher the level, the bigger the deliveries are and pay more.
  • Bossmenu now the business owner have to recruit his / her Employees
  • You have to attach the trailer manually
  • Trailer dissapears after you make a delivery
  • You will get paid employee fee when you drop of the truck the original payout will go to the trucker boss menu and there for owner will Pay You
  • SQL to count km’s/mph’s.
  • Vehicleshop inside the script with preview of trucks and then you can buy them for personal use.

:exclamation: About

  • A simple truck driver job, where there will be a boss who will be able to recruit employees to work in the company. Each trip is paid to the player an amount and the company also earns for each trip of the players.
  • Optimized
  • 0.00ms

:exclamation: Level System

  • The level system depends on the deliveries, you can change the amount of experience in each delivery in the config.

:exclamation: Dependencies

  • Utilizes the FiveM Tebex Escrow system.

:exclamation: Information

Requirements: None
Code is accessible: No, only config
Subscription-based: No.
Lines: ~675
Support: Yes

:exclamation: Also From Me

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Just a warning to anyone that’s using the newest QBcore release… this doesn’t work, I opened a ticket as advised and today was told “I don’t know why you insist on something, which makes no sense. If I tell you it works, it’s because it works.” but in fact, it does not work after following directions to the T, twice, after they supposedly “updated” the script. I do NOT recommend. UNEDITED

Here’s me standing next to the laptop, showing the correct job, with nothing. :rofl: :nerd_face: :metal:

Hello, it is very annoying when you come to my post of my script to teach things that are not true. We gave you all the necessary assistance. Perhaps the problem is your qb-menu or your qb-target, or even your qb-core.

I myself downloaded qb-core in front of you with screenshots and showed you how it works.

I asked other customers to send prints and I showed you.

The problem is not mine :slight_smile:


it’s very annoying to buy a script that doesn’t work as advertised… qb-menu and qb-target have not been modified in my server. funny u asked other customers to show the prints instead of investigating my issue yourself, i 100% guarantee you they’re using an old version of qbcore. wasted $10 but i’m over it, just be warned if you are reading this.