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:earth_africa: Overview

This in-depth pawnshop script empowers your citizens to engage in a dynamic economy, purchasing or selling a variety of items at pawnshops spread throughout the city.
Featuring setups for both state-owned and optional player-owned stores, this system offers a comprehensive management system for store owners to control every aspect of their business, from restocking items to hiring employees.
With server-side storage of all pricing to maintain balance and control, robust validation to prevent exploits, and a sleek UI for user interaction, this script elevates the role-playing experience to new heights. Dive into the bustling world of commerce and make every trade count!

:globe_with_meridians: Features

:chart: Dynamic Pricing: Watch the market come alive with fluctuating prices, adding a layer of realism and excitement to every transaction.
:office: Player-Owned Stores: Step into the shoes of an entrepreneur, with the freedom to manage your pawnshop’s inventory, pricing, and promotional strategies.
:hammer_and_wrench: Comprehensive Management System: A robust backend allows for detailed business operations, including staffing, inventory control, and financial management.
:earth_africa: Unlimited Store Creation: The possibilities are endless, with the option to establish a network of unique pawnshops tailored to different needs and locations.
:moneybag: Buying and Selling Mechanism: A fluid economy where players can offload unwanted items for cash or find treasures within the stores’ collections.
:lock: Robust Validation: Ensures a secure trading environment by meticulously vetting each transaction to protect the game’s economy.
:art: Sleek, Modern UI: A visually appealing and intuitive interface that enhances the trading experience, making it accessible and enjoyable.
:arrows_counterclockwise: Support for Multiple Frameworks: Designed for seamless integration across various gaming frameworks, ensuring versatility and broad usability.

:hammer_and_wrench: Dependencies

This resource relies heavily on our utility library for smooth functionality with multiple frameworks.

The resource functions entirely through the use of a target system, you are required to use once of the systems below unless you edit the code yourself.

The resource was built around our dialogue system, this may be added too with context menu options however for now the dialogue system is required.

For esx_legacy users the resource requires the use of ox_inventory.

:open_book: Documentation

Coming soon…

Support is provided for this resource if you should need it. However comprehensive readme’s are included we encourage that people take the time to read these before asking questions. Typically if instructions are followed then support should not be needed.

I will try to respond to any of the questions people may have here, however it will be a faster response to contact through our direct channels :slight_smile:

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Requirements boii_utils, boii_ui, boii_target / ox_target / qb-target, ox_inventory
Support Yes

Any chance of adding a melt option to melt items down for materials as an extra option? similar to qb-pawnshop listt of items, time it takes to melt and material reward on completion, would be a nice addition.


Ah, for sure.

This resource was created to entirely replace our old version and the old version did have that as a feature, this is just something that was overlooked in the rebuild.

Leave it with me will make a 1.1.0 update asap and get that back in but improved on.

Awesome, looking forward to it, built in support for various paid phones would be nice (qs-smartphone, roadphone etc.) if you need to mail people when melting is done but at least would be nice if this can be edited by customers to include the mail event from their chosen phone if not built in support.
Otherwise melting is the only thing I think is missing for this to replace our current pawnshop script.

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Sure thing, a couple small bugs have been raised also so will be fixing those today, and will re-implement a melting system. Can take a look into some sort of notify system also to let people know when orders are ready, a long with the melting section.

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can’t wait, we have a player running the pawnshop in our city eagerly awaiting the update to buy it, looking forward to it

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Just making sure to check back in here.

Have not forgot about the melting portion just currently a little busy working on 2 other things.
Soon as I have a spare few hours will get that implemented.

A quick hotfix was pushed to fix the bugs it had though.

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Any updates on this?

Contrary to the previous message of mine…
This time I actually did forget about this entirely :sweat:

That is 100% on me.

It is currently 4am for me so will be calling it a night shortly, however will try get this done and updated for tonight, if not tomorrow morning.

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Has this been updated?

Try is the keyword here, have been super super busy finishing off some other stuff, am now back to working on updates.

Getting the framework alpha ready for release took a little longer than anticipated, along with some life things time just got away from me (to me it feels like its only been 2 days not a week xD)

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Looking forward to it, our server bought the script and thats a main feature we’d like to see, any chance for the install you’d know what to do for qs-inventory for the NUI Callback UseItem? everything else in the qb readme I’ve been able to find, but that is different in qs-inventory compared to qb-inventory.

Appreciate your time, and take the time you need to look into the update.

Hmmm, off the top of my head no, im pretty sure this has been discussed in discord though.

Id imagine they will be using a nui callback from js → lua so they can pass the item id so it can be usable. So would just be wherever this is in the resource. It could be behind escrow tho potentially? Its not an inventory i’ve ever used myself so am not familiar with it.

You could since your qb anyway create a usable item for the order box in qbcores native setup?

Is only one item in the items.lua should be basically just copy paste and change to qb’s function (near enough anyway)

Can you send the usable item text? I should be able to use the normal qb version of it, if not can edit it myself if qs does it differently

Found a potential issue, being able to buy the item cheaper than the current sell price means players can just buy stock, sell for profit, buy again and continue the process to keep making money.

Should not be the case;

{ limit = 100, buying = { min = 110, max = 160 }, selling = { min = 220, max = 320 } },

Within the config section all prices can be adjusted.

The “buying” price is the price the store buys items from players, the “selling” price is the price the players pay when they purchase from store. Provided the buying is less than selling then this should not be an issue.

The default items in config are just defaults they should be changed to match whatever items you wish to use they are just example to show it works :slight_smile: – Ill switch them around in config though, on closer inspection i’ve set values on wrong sides for the last set of items.

Anything with a “selling” higher than “buying” should be changed

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Awesome, will swap those values round for the defaults.
Thank you.
Any updates regarding melting feature?

I have a plan for how to do it yeh finally.

I’m just currently working on a hobo life simulator update to replace my old dumpster diving script just scale creep has been a thing. Coming to a close with it now though trying to get it finished and out tonight then i’ll be back on other things :slight_smile:

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Randomly started getting this error after swapping the values, any ideas?

[script:boii_pawnshop] SCRIPT ERROR: @boii_pawnshop/server/main.lua:117: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)
[script:boii_pawnshop] > adjust_item_prices (@boii_pawnshop/server/main.lua:117)
[script:boii_pawnshop] > ref (@boii_pawnshop/server/main.lua:154)
[script:boii_pawnshop] > rawQuery (@oxmysql/dist/build.js:26449)
[script:boii_pawnshop] > runMicrotasks (:0)
[script:boii_pawnshop] > processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96)

local stock_tiers = config.items[item.id].stock_tiers

Is line 117 check your config setup for the items again make sure you have modified correctly.

Download a fresh version from keymaster to compare with :slight_smile:

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