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:earth_africa: Overview

This is just a straight forward chat theme with a simple, sleek design.
Chat system includes 11 pre defined chat commands from global chat, to private messages.
Also includes a simple logging system to save and log all messages to json files periodically.
Relatively easy to create additional chat, just copy paste what currently exists and change a little around.
Resource is entirely open-source, feel free to edit to your hearts content.

:globe_with_meridians: Features

:star2: Multiple Pre-Defined Chat Types: Various types of roleplay related chats have been setup for use out of the box.
:open_book: Message Logs: Simple logging system to save and log all messages to json files periodically.
:office: Discord Logs: Simple discord webhook logging system.
:chart: Adaptable and Open Source: Easily adaptable for adding new chat types or modifying existing ones.
:arrows_counterclockwise: Multi-Framework Support: Compatible with various game server frameworks through use of boii_utils.

:memo: Chat Types

Global: Regular chat sent to all players.
Local: Local chat for players within scope.
Staff: Staff messages sent to all players.
Staff Only: Private staff only chat.
Advert: Advertisement messages.
Police: Police messages to all (optional to require on duty before sending).
EMS: Same as police except ems.
Warning: Warning messages can either be sent to all or can be directly pm’d to a specific player.
PM: Private messages player → player.
Group: Uses boii_utils group system and group chat allows you to talk to only players within that group.
Trade: Trade chat messages sent to all players.

:hammer_and_wrench: Dependencies

This is a chat theme with some additional commands, this is not an edited chat resource. Using the default cfx chat resource is required.

This resource relies heavily on our utility library for smooth functionality with multiple frameworks.

:open_book: Documentation

Coming soon…

Support is provided for this resource if you should need it. However comprehensive readme’s are included we encourage that people take the time to read these before asking questions. Typically if instructions are followed then support should not be needed.

I will try to respond to any of the questions people may have here, however it will be a faster response to contact through our direct channels :slight_smile:

:free: Our free resources

Developer LUA Utility Library
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Chat Theme
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Roleplay Tests & Licence System

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how did you make the square mini map?

Was just toying with some ideas for hud to put into framework build instead of doing the normal, try be a little different see how it comes out :stuck_out_tongue:

So here is the code I am currently using, and credits to qb-hud for the stream map files and the aspect ratio logic:

--- Client side HUD.
-- @script client/main

--- Import utility library
utils = exports['boii_utils']:get_utils()

local radar_shown = false
local hud_components = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22 }
local disable_controls = { 37 }
local disable_ammo = true
local minimap = nil

--- Update radar UI when the player is in a vehicle.
-- @param player The player ped
-- @param player_vehicle The vehicle the player is currently in
-- @param radar_shown The current state of the radar display
-- @return bool The updated state of radar_shown
local function update_radar_ui(player, player_vehicle, radar_shown)
    if not radar_shown then
        radar_shown = true
    local direction = utils.player.get_cardinal_direction(player_vehicle)
    local road_name = utils.player.get_street_name(player)
    if direction then
            action = 'show_map',
            direction = direction,
            road_name = road_name,
    return radar_shown

--- Hide the radar UI when the player is not in a vehicle.
-- @param radar_shown The current state of the radar display
-- @return bool The updated state of radar_shown
local function hide_radar_ui(radar_shown)
    if radar_shown then
        radar_shown = false
    --SendNUIMessage({ action = 'hide_map_ui' })
    return radar_shown

--- Disable HUD components and controls.
local function disable_components()
	while true do
		for _, component in ipairs(hud_components) do
		for _, control in ipairs(disable_controls) do
			DisableControlAction(2, control, true)
		BeginScaleformMovieMethod(minimap, 'HIDE_SATNAV')

--- Initialize the minimap.
local function init_map()
    radar_shown = false
    local default_aspect_ratio = 1920 / 1080
    local res_x, res_y = GetActiveScreenResolution()
    local aspect_ratio = res_x / res_y
    local map_offset = 0
    if aspect_ratio > default_aspect_ratio then
        map_offset = ((default_aspect_ratio - aspect_ratio) / 3.6) - 0.008
    local minimap_width = 0.200
    local minimap_height = minimap_width * res_x / res_y
    utils.requests.texture("squaremap", false)
    AddReplaceTexture("platform:/textures/graphics", "radarmasksm", "squaremap", "radarmasksm")
    AddReplaceTexture("platform:/textures/graphics", "radarmask1g", "squaremap", "radarmasksm")
    SetMinimapComponentPosition("minimap", "R", "T", -0.008 + map_offset, 0.025, minimap_width / 1.715, minimap_height / 1.715)
    SetMinimapComponentPosition("minimap_mask", "R", "T", -0.015 + map_offset, 0.0650, minimap_width, minimap_height)
    SetMinimapComponentPosition('minimap_blur', 'R', 'T', 0.065 + map_offset, -0.035, minimap_width, minimap_height)
    SetBlipAlpha(GetNorthRadarBlip(), 0)
    SetBigmapActive(true, false)
    SetBigmapActive(false, false)
    minimap = RequestScaleformMovie('minimap')

--- Initialize the HUD when the script starts.
local function init_hud()

--- Main thread that updates the radar UI based on player's vehicle status.
    while true do
        local player = PlayerPedId()
        local player_vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(player, false)
        local driver_seat_ped = GetPedInVehicleSeat(player_vehicle, -1)
        if player_vehicle ~= 0 and driver_seat_ped == player then
            radar_shown = update_radar_ui(player, player_vehicle, radar_shown)
            radar_shown = hide_radar_ui(radar_shown)

--- Export init_hud function for external use.
-- @return function The init_hud function
exports('init', init_hud)

And the above code produces this map:

Cardinal direct, distance + streetname are purely placeholder right now but the commented out code would cover that through utils :slight_smile:

ignore the other random hud elements its still being worked on… was just tired of dying in server randomly xD

did you somehow redraw the map in .ytd?

I did not personally, as mentioned in previous its the squaremap used by default in qb-hud so all credits to them/whoever did it :sweat_smile: was just a little test idea to see what a hud up there squared off would actually look like.