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Resource Preview v1.0.0



Roleplay Test System v1.0.0

:scroll: Elevating Role-Playing with Comprehensive Licensing Tests

Embark on a journey of skill assessment and certification with boii_rptests, a robust role-playing test script designed to enrich the gaming realm.

This script introduces an immersive licensing system that spans across various domains of vehicle operation and firearm proficiency.

:rocket: Diverse Range of Licensing Tests

boii_rptests brings to life a comprehensive suite of tests, each crafted to assess and validate the players’ expertise in a specific field. The tests are categorized as follows:

  • :red_car: Cars: Navigate the roads and showcase your driving acumen.
  • :motorcycle: Motorcycles: Manoeuvre through challenging courses with precision.
  • :speedboat: Boats: Master the waves and command your maritime journey.
  • :truck: Trucks: Handle heavy-duty transportation with skill and safety.
  • :airplane: Planes: Soar the skies, demonstrating control and finesse.
  • :helicopter: Helicopters: Pilot with agility and tactical awareness.
  • :gun: Firearms: Exhibit accuracy and responsible handling in firearm usage.
  • :star2: Role-Playing Checks: More Than Just a Test

The tests are designed as “RP checks”, they are not supposed to be overly difficult, however the source code is available for all tests if you wish to make them harder.

:globe_with_meridians: Showable Licences

In a bid to foster community interaction and authenticity within the game, boii_rptests introduces a clean UI display feature that allows players to visually display their earned licences.

This functionality not only serves as a badge of honor but also encourages interactions and recognition among players within a certain radius.

boii_rptests stands out as a testament to immersive role-playing, offering a blend of challenge, recognition, and realism.

It’s not just a script; it’s an enriching addition to the gaming narrative, ensuring that each player’s journey is not only challenging but also richly rewarding and profoundly immersive.


This resource relies heavily on our utility library for smooth functionality with multiple frameworks.

The resource functions entirely through the use of a target system, you are required to use once of the systems below unless you edit the code yourself.

The resource was built around our dialogue system, this may be added too with context menu options however for now the dialogue system is required.

For esx_legacy users the resource requires the use of ox_inventory (yes this does mean the resource is also ox inventory compatible for other framework users).


Coming soon…


Support is provided for this resource if you should need it. However comprehensive readme’s are included we encourage that people take the time to read these before asking questions. Typically if instructions are followed then support should not be needed.

I will try to respond to any of the questions people may have here, however it will be a faster response to contact through our direct channels :slight_smile:

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Roleplay Tests & Licence System

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Code is accessible Client Yes/Server Partial Escrow
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Open Source 5000+ including json’s + comments / Server Side Escrow 242
Requirements boii_utils, boii_ui, boii_target / ox_target / qb-target, ox_inventory
Support Yes

So for standalone/custom frameworks (We are using NDCore, but only in a limited capacity as we are mainly going for menu based with some things added to enhance the RP), is an inventory system required or does this save the fact you obtained your license in a database/json file so you can present it as needed? Also, would it be possible to define your details (name, address, DOB) when you obtain it? We are not utilizing any inventory system with our setup and also not using a character system. Characters are registered in our MDT, but there isn’t a way for our MDT to export that info to anything.

So why use this when Sonoran CAD has been the standard for years? \What do you offer that they don’t?

All framework related functions are handled directly through boii_utils, provided you have some level of base understanding you should be more than able to add in what is required for any framework through utils.

However I would strongly recommend to read through boii_utils first mainly the client/frameworks.lua and server/frameworks.lua as these files contain all of the framework bridge functions currently being used.

As for the query regarding the licences:

The script uses utils.fw.get_identity(_src) from boii_utils to retrieve the players identity information depending on the framework (this function is in the escrow side), which then sends through to a function take_screenshot(_src, licence_type, licence_data) within a open source file, so any manipulations you would like to make to the licence_data could be done here.

However since it seems like you would like to be able to input your own details through I guess some sort of input form on a per player basis? This right now would not be possible.

More than welcome to jump in discord and leave a suggestion post and I can get something in place for this to be possible.

Sonoran CAD is a CAD/MDT

This resource is not a CAD/MDT it is simply a selection of RP Check tests.

So in answer to the question What do you offer that they don’t?

I guess an entirely different script that is in no way related to an mdt? :sweat_smile:


First off resource does work? Notifications require setting within the config of utils as this handles a bridge for various notification systems.

There is not ped that “appears” when you do the test, when you complete a test successfully the option to claim the licence is then added to the peds dialogue options (shown in preview)

Last I checked all tests can be completed and do indeed give licences, if one is not if you could be more specific this can be identified and looked into.

boii_ui and boii_utils both work correctly, ensure you are updated to the most recent releases.

The notifications in boii_ui as with all of the other elements are moveable to your own desired location, they are just positioned to the left by default. Press F10 by default in server and can fully customise the entire UI pack.

So 1st thing I see is your name loaded up on the theory side as “John Doe” this happens when it fails to find your characters user data, so you are not passing the theory as it has not got your character it has defaulted to default data.

You then did not even start the car or motorcycle test you just go back?

Firearms portion same again “John Doe” on theory side.
The firearms test then does give you the weapon to start the test however it then gets removed from your player, my guess here would be maybe an anticheat which is stopping weapons being added to players?

By default the firearms test toggle for “require_theory” is set to false this is how you have bypassed need for theory and taken the test, however since you couldnt fire a bullet it should have failed not passed thats an error for sure.

The resmon when taking a test is purely due to draw functions, they are naturally pretty heavy, there is also a thread running to update timers, check for vehicle damage etc, this could be slightly reduced by increasing delays, however the threads themselves are pretty optimised. Client side is entirely open source welcome to tweak those if you want to adjust it however since its drawing markers it will never be 0.00 whilst actively running a practical test

The truck thing at the end, will have to put something in to ensure no parked cars can be under the trailers is all I can update that no problem, I did not have the issue whilst creating. (adding a way to manually cancel the test also could be a good idea for cases of driver error)

So by the looks of what’s in the clip the only thing that does not seem to be working is getting your characters identity information (that is unless your character name actually happens to be John Doe but i doubt it).

Will take another run through all of the tests in this on my ESX dev server see how it runs from my end and will check server side console for errors since nothing from this side has been included in your post.

Will also add in code required to clear the area of vehicles when spawning trailer, i should have done this anyway pre-emptively but I guess didn’t.

And whilst I’m there will input something so tests can be manually exited so can cut out of it in cases of say trucks flipping over, vehicles getting too damaged to continue, etc.

For sure.

Once you join need to head to get-roles and make sure you have the verified role, and try the tebex claim one with /claim if your purchase roles have not been applied otherwise you wont be able to see the dedicated forum sections for the resource.

If the tebex claim is not applying for you feel free to open up a roles ticket and these can be manually applied :slight_smile:

In the end I have reached an understanding with the boii dev. I have to admit that your resources are very useful and you are trying hard to correct the problems, I am quite satisfied. Now I can happily say that I am satisfied with the purchase.

v 1.1.0

Forgot to post this update when was done.

Resource: boii_rptests
Version: 1.1.0
-> Fixed issue with ox_target 1.14.0 breaking peds with more than action assigned.
-> Fixed issue with licence data not being updated correctly, this requires utils v1.6.0.
-> Fixed issue with esx not retrieving player data correctly to set name on tablet, this also requires utils v1.6.0.
-> Fixed issue with ox_inventory removing weapon given by firearms test and added a config toggle for ox_inventory users. This must be set to true if using ox_inventory.
-> Added note to ox_inventory readme to cover toggling this within config.
-> Replaced all use of utils.notify.send for new utils ui bridge utils.ui.notify.
-> Added new section show_licence to config here you can set the range and if the source player should be included when showing licences.
-> Added note to keys section directing to utils keys list in case people want to change keys.
-> Added clear vehicles in area to the trailer spawn for truck test so cars do not spawn underneath.
-> Added missing var to end of firearms test that was stopping people taking a second test without leaving server first.