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Resource Preview v0.0.1


Welcome to the ultimate minigame collection!
Our minigame system has been designed to allow for a uniform feel to minigames throughout the server, whilst providing a smooth optimised experience for your players. boii_minigames currently includes a collection of our 10 custom built minigames for use in our future script updates. We are always thinking of new ideas so this project will be remaining as a beta release as other minigames may be added relatively soon. Keep your eyes peeled for those! :eyes:

Why boii_minigames?

  • :rocket: Optimized Performance: In the dynamic realm of gaming, where every millisecond counts, boii_minigames stands out with its high-performance optimization. We’ve fine-tuned every aspect to ensure that it not only enhances the gameplay experience but does so without straining server resources. With smooth animations that flow seamlessly, responsive interactions that keep players engaged, and lightweight code that ensures fast load times, our minigame collection is designed to deliver top-notch performance even in the most demanding situations.
  • :bulb: Engaging Gameplay Mechanics: Each minigame in boii_minigames is crafted with engaging and innovative gameplay mechanics. We aim to provide a variety of challenges that cater to different player skills and preferences. Whether it’s testing quick reflexes, strategic thinking, or puzzle-solving abilities, our collection offers a diverse range of interactive and enjoyable experiences that keep players coming back for more.
  • :art: Stunning Visuals and Intuitive Design: We believe that a great gaming experience is also about stunning visuals and intuitive design. boii_minigames features visually appealing games each with a unique sleek design. The user interface is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, ensuring that players of all skill levels can navigate and enjoy the games with ease.
  • :books: Rich Customization Options: boii_minigames offers extensive customization options, allowing server administrators and game developers to tailor the minigames to their specific needs. From adjusting difficulty levels to customizing the look and feel of each game, our collection provides the flexibility to create a personalized gaming experience that aligns with your game’s theme and player base.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Regular Updates and Community Support: We are committed to the continuous improvement of boii_minigames. Regular updates will be rolled out to introduce new features or enhance existing ones.


:jigsaw: Minigames:

  • Anagram: Unscramble letters to form words in a race against the clock!
  • Button Mash: Tap furiously to achieve success.
  • Chip Hack: Use a guiding light to uncover hidden chips in the dark.
  • Hangman: Guess the word before your chances run out.
  • Key Drop: Match falling keys with precise timing to win.
  • Pin Code: Deduce the correct pin with logic and intuition.
  • Safe Crack: Feel the tension as you rotate the dial to unlock secrets.
  • Skill Bar: A test of timing and precision within a moving zone.
  • Skill Circle: A circular twist on the skill bar with a focus on accuracy.
  • Wire Cut: Make the right choice to cut wires under pressure.

Getting Started

To start using boii_minigames, clone or download the latest version and integrate into your projects. Make sure to read through the documentation for information regarding any of the utilities you wish to use.



None resource is entirely standalone.

Contribution & Support

boii_minigames is an open-source project.

We encourage developers to contribute, suggest improvements, or raise issues.

I will try to respond to any of the questions people may have here, however it may be faster through our direct channels :slight_smile:


Much love and happy scripting!


Amazing work man, so sick!

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Be some more free releases to come soon.

this script is exactly what i was looking for , thank you great work!

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No worries :slight_smile:

Do have a few more games planned to add in main reason its still a v0 release state.
Will improve on it as time progresses

Nice work!

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Thank you :heart:

As mentioned above will be adding to this as needs progress
If there’s a new game I want for a script it’ll be made and added in here :slight_smile:

Just what I have been looking for.

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