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Hello guys, we are excited to introduce our Poster Job

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Poster Job

+ (Add) : Compatible with QBCore
+ (Add) : Open source
+ (Fix) : Payout

Status : Push

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Code is accessible Yes or no
Subscription-based Yes or no
Lines (approximately) ~ 250
Requirements ESX/QBCore
Support Yes

Just a FYI! Dope script, be cool to have custom posters you can customize to put up in the city.

Hi, thanks for your feedback
Indeed it is better, but it seems to me that it is possible by editing the texture of the poster.

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If you offered an option the config, other posters could be created/added/streamed and then picked for the players to put up.


Noted ! :smile:

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Hi how are you I just opened a documentation to change the texture of the poster if you are interested don’t hesitate to take a look: https://doc.var-fivem.com/poster-job/configuration/change-poster-texture

So, we use a city hall/courthouse MLO in our server. So one of the poster locations has you place a poster on the city hall door… after you’ve completed the job and get your pay, I returned to see if the posters are deleted but this wasn’t the case. So now I have the poster stuck in the door.

Are we able to move poster locations or is there a way for posters to be removed by a command or possible enable self-delete or something through config or anything?

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Hi thank you for your comment, there is a config file to change the location of posters