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[Tattoo Shop] :pen: (Yes I know the emoji is not the right one)

Hi how are you, I present to you our new tattoo script, the interface and in the same design as the others and it can be customized and translated easily. Yes, I did one myself because I saw that many of the tattoo scripts did not allow tattoos to be removed easily.

Key Features :

  • Camera based on selected body part
  • Modern design
  • Automatic translation of the tattoo label
  • Try tattooing while hovering
  • Pay via bank or cash
  • Simple configuration
  • Different price for each tattoo (json)
  • Adding or removing tattoos (json)
  • Possibility of removing one or all tattoos
  • Categories of each part of the body
  • Category of possessed tattoos

:framed_picture: Preview :

Pricing Options :

Want to test before buying ? : http://var-fivem.com

Documentation : https://doc.var-fivem.com

Thank you for supporting us, don’t hesitate to give your opinion


Tattoo Shop

+ (Fix) : Tabs Overflow
+ (Add) : Open source

Status : Push

Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Code is accessible Yes or no
Subscription-based Yes or no
Lines (approximately) +600
Requirements ESX
Support Yes